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Congressional Integrity Project October 23 – October 27, 2023 Summary

Oct 27, 2023

This week, the Congressional Integrity Project launched a new poster pasting campaign, placing hundreds of posters on Capitol Hill featuring MAGA Speaker Mike Johnson. Johnson is a Trump stooge, election denier, and MAGA extremist who will continue to do Trump’s bidding and pursue an extreme MAGA agenda. View photos of the posters here

CIP sent out 16 rapid-response products, including statements, fact sheets, and roundups.

On Friday, in a desperate bid to distract from the trash fire that is the current chaos of the MAGA House Republican majority, James Comer released bank records that once again show not a single shred of wrongdoing by President Biden.

The MAGA House GOP held a candidate forum with nine new Speaker contenders who all have one thing in common: a record of election denial

Emmer is a MAGA Republican and dangerous Trump acolyte who will continue pushing the same political stunts in Congress to benefit the former president. 

Rep. Mike Johnson was selected as the latest designee to be Speaker of the House and later won the election to be Speaker 

The Associated Press reported that the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney testified to the House Judiciary Committee that David Weiss wasn’t blocked from bringing charges against Hunter Biden in California. This directly refutes the claims of the so-called “whistleblowers” who’ve come forward with allegations of interference by the Department of Justice in the Hunter Biden investigation.

The Congressional Integrity Project launched a new poster pasting campaign, placing hundreds of posters on Capitol Hill featuring MAGA Speaker Mike Johnson.

MAGA Mike Johnson confirmed the bogus impeachment inquiry of President Biden will continue but, James Comer admitted this week that the first impeachment hearing went so poorly, that he doesn’t want to hold any more hearings. 

CIP was mentioned or quoted in the following 5 articles or news appearances.

Los Angeles Times: California Republicans in swing districts backed Trump ally Jordan for speaker. “Before Jordan dropped out on Friday, Congressional Integrity Project, a Democratic-aligned nonprofit, released ads highlighting the Ohioan’s ties to the right wing of his party. The digital ad noted that Jordan founded the arch-conservative House Freedom Caucus, denied the results of the 2020 presidential election and is ‘arguably the member of Congress most involved in Donald Trump’s attempted coup.’ ‘Anyone who endorses Jordan and any member who votes for him is affirmatively voting for a coup plotter, an election denier and a foe of American democracy,’ the ad said.” [Los Angeles Times, 10/21/23]

Politico: New York Playbook: HELLO JOHNSON, BYE-BYE FRESHMEN?: “‘I think every single New York Republican who voted for Johnson has made clear they’re no moderate,’ Kyle Herrig, the executive director of the advocacy group Congressional Integrity Project, told Playbook. ‘They’re MAGA through and through.’ Herrig acknowledges Johnson is not yet a household name, giving Democrats an opportunity to define a figure who for most voters is a blank slate.” [Politico, 10/26/23]

CBS News: House Speaker Mike Johnson once referred to abortion as “a holocaust”. “‘Comparing abortion to the Holocaust is reprehensible and an insult to women across the country,’ said Hannah Muldavin, communications adviser for the Congressional Integrity Project, an organization launched by high-level Democratic strategists. Muldavin said, ‘This is yet another example of how extreme and out of touch with the country Mike Johnson is.’ She said the election of Johnson is ‘an endorsement of his extreme views that threaten our democracy and the rights of Americans.’” [CBS News, 10/26/23]

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