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ICYMI: James Comer Failed Again To Prove Bombshell Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden

Oct 23, 2023

On Friday, in a desperate bid to distract from the trash fire that is the current chaos of the MAGA House Republican majority, James Comer released bank records that once again show not a single shred of wrongdoing by President Biden. In fact, Comer himself admitted in his own presentation that the check from James Biden to Joe Biden – when he was out of office in 2018 – was a loan repayment. With a potential government shutdown looming next month, the Republican-led House has been without a Speaker for over two weeks but all Comer is focused on are baseless political stunts.

HuffPost: Another GOP ‘Bombshell’ About Joe Biden Turns Out To Be A Dud


Comer has been leading Republicans’ investigation and impeachment inquiry into President Biden, which so far hasn’t implicated Biden himself and in recent weeks has been overshadowed by infighting among Republicans that has paralyzed the House of Representatives.

Democrats on the Oversight Committee say the personal bank records recently provided to the committee actually do show that Biden loaned his brother the money.

NBC News: James Comer’s latest Biden accusation has one glaring flaw

It might be easier to shrug off House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s latest anti-Biden dud if it weren’t part of a larger series of other duds.
By Steve Bennen // October 23, 2023

It’s not exactly a secret that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s crusade against President Joe Biden hasn’t gone especially well. After nearly a year of trying to uncover evidence of the Democrat receiving illicit payments before reaching the White House, the Kentucky Republican and his allies have come up empty…

Based on the available information, Joe Biden — in his personal capacity, two years after serving as vice president — loaned his brother some money. Then, his brother paid him back. It’s why James Biden literally wrote on the check itself, “Loan repayment.”

That’s just not that interesting. Indeed, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell on California noted online soon after, “[Comer] proves Joe Biden generously loaned his family money and they responsibly paid him back. Nice work, detective!”

A day earlier, Steve Bannon, a veteran of the Trump White House and a prominent far-right media personality, labeled the Oversight Committee chairman “Comer the Clown.”

Evidently, Republicans hoped the public would take the story seriously because James Biden repaid his brother after receiving money from a hospital company he was working with. But again, this appears quite anodyne: James Biden needed a loan; Joe Biden helped his brother; and James Biden repaid the loan six weeks later when he had the money. (The future president did not charge any interest.)

In other words, this latest pitch suffers from one glaring flaw: The story isn’t scandalous; it’s boring.

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