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Fighting Corruption and Exposing the Truth

The Congressional Integrity Project is committed to holding conservatives accountable for corruption and misconduct.

Demanding Integrity from Congress

The Congressional Integrity Project will shed light on how our elected representatives degrade the integrity of the legislative branch to benefit themselves and those close to them. Conservatives in Congress are turning a blind eye to misconduct to protect their allies. Worse, they are trying to distract the American people with baseless, partisan investigations to smear their opponents.

CIP will use every tool at our disposal to stop them from misleading and manipulating the American people.

One of Congress’s most important responsibilities is to ensure public officials work in the public interest, not their own.

But conservatives in Congress are more interested in protecting their allies, smearing their political opponents, and tightening their grip on power. CIP is changing that dynamic. We’re exposing the truth about their record of enriching themselves and those close to them and enabling corruption at the highest levels — all while trying to distract voters with misinformation.

Latest Reports

Covering for Corruption Special Report: Senator John Cornyn

Covering for Corruption Special Report: Senator John Cornyn

The Covid-19 pandemic has now killed more than 214,000 Americans, with no end in sight. Elected officials should be doing everything they can to preserve health care protections and expand coverage to everyone. Instead, some — like U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) — remain focused on destroying health protections provided by the Affordable Care Act.

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