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ICYMI: James Comer’s Family Finances Entangled With His Public Positions

Oct 23, 2023

As James Comer misrepresents Biden family bank records, it turns out Comer’s family is financially entangled with his official duties. James Comer and his brother, Chad Comer, co-own a farm located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Chad used the farm address for a Paycheck Protection Program loan that was forgiven because of legislation James Comer co-sponsored

Here are the details according to the Daily Beast.:

“In 2020, Comer, a critic of government spending, co-sponsored legislation that would essentially automatically forgive COVID Paycheck Protection Program loans of $150,000 or less.” 

“After the bill passed, Comer’s brother, Chad, received about $12,000 in PPP loans at the address of a farm he appears to have co-owned with the congressman.”

“His brother’s loan… has been forgiven in full, plus interest, according to ProPublica data” 

AND – the loan Chad received? It was from a bank that James Comer previously sat on a board of. 

TLDR: James Comer’s own brother financially benefited from legislation sponsored by James Comer to completely forgive a loan that Chad received from a bank that James Comer was formerly on the board of.

As Comer tries to, once again, mislead the public about “findings” from his stunt investigations, this time in a video claiming a new document “raises new questions about how President Biden personally benefited from his family’s shady influence peddling of his last name and their access to him,” Comer himself sponsored legislation to benefit his brother.

Perhaps James Comer’s brother should provide thousands of pages of bank records to demonstrate that his financial entanglements haven’t improperly influenced Comer.