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Congressional Integrity Project Weeks of April 17 and April 24, 2023 Summary

Apr 28, 2023

Last week, Congressional Integrity Project sent a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics, requesting an investigation into Representative Mark E. Green (TN-07) and Representative Jim Jordan (OH-4) for potential violations of House Ethics Rules by linking their solicitations of campaign contributions to official congressional actions. Read the full letter here.

CIP also followed Rep. Jim Jordan to the Judiciary Committee field hearing last week in Manhattan with flyers, reminding Jordan that his investigations and hearings have been nothing but political stunts and a total sham.

Along with this, CIP sent out 12 rapid-response products, including statements, fact sheets, and roundups.

CIP was mentioned or quoted in the following articles and/or news appearances.

Axios: Democratic group files ethics complaint against GOP committee chairs. “The Democratic-aligned Congressional Integrity Project filed an ethics complaint Wednesday against two Republican House chairmen, claiming they are wrongfully linking fundraising efforts with official actions. Why it matters: The letter comes after reporting by the New York Times that Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) touted at a fundraising event his efforts to probe Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose investigation into former President Trump resulted in a 34-count indictment.” [Axios, 4/20/23]

The Independent: House GOP goes after Hunter Biden: Do Republicans have anything on the Biden family? “Kyle Herrig, the executive director of the Congressional Integrity Project, told The Independent the GOP probes are targeted at dirtying up Mr Biden while giving a pass to Mr Trump and his family, who public records show profited handsomely from his time in the White House. ‘I think at the end of the day, Americans are seeing these investigations for what they are, which is partisan political stunts. And I think the Maga politicians smearing President Biden’s family, Hunter, and others, these politicians are hypocrites after ignoring Donald Trump and his children’s numerous conflicts of interest,’ he said.” [The Independent, 4/22/23]

Forward Kentucky: ‘Investigate Comer’ billboard links to C-J story. “The Congressional Integrity Project — a 501(c)(4) that is pushing back against U.S. House Republicans’ investigations of President Joe Biden’s son and administration — wrote a letter Wednesday to Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney Kimberly Baird, asking her office for a “formal and thorough investigation” into Comer’s “involvement in unlawfully obtaining and/or receiving stolen emails from a computer server” of the law firm.” [Forward Kentucky, 4/23/23] Ohio House budget shows some love for older Ohioans: Capitol Letter. “Investigating the investigators: The Congressional Integrity Project wants the U.S. House of Representatives’ Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate Republican committee chairs Jordan and Mark Green of Tennessee ‘for violating House Ethics Rules by linking their solicitation of campaign contributions to official actions.’ A complaint it filed with the ethics office says the pair, who chair the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees, made fundraising pitches to the House Freedom Fund that linked donation requests to official actions, with Jordan citing his probe of Alvin Bragg, the New York district attorney who indicted former President Donald Trump for falsifying business records. ‘The rhetoric of these Representatives could have signaled to donors that the investigations were contingent on the political contributions solicited,’ says the complaint from the left-wing activist group.” [, 4/24/23]

Finally, Congressional Integrity Project shared the following talking points and message guidance with our Allies and staff members on the Hill.