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ICYMI: Jim Jordan Will Protect Donald Trump At All Costs

Apr 17, 2023

Yesterday, the New York Times published a piece outlining Jim Jordan’s long history of using his position to protect Donald Trump. 

“Jim Jordan has repeatedly made clear that his focus as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and Weaponization subcommittee is to weaken President Biden and Democrats in an attempt to get his leader Donald Trump re-elected,” said Congressional Integrity Project executive director Kyle Herrig. “Now Jordan himself is actually trying to weaponize the government to help Trump evade justice. Jordan and his fellow MAGA Republicans are putting their pathetic political stunts and allegiance to the former President over actually helping the American people.” 

New York Times: How Jim Jordan, a Fighter Aligned With Trump, Wrestled His Way to Power

By Luke Broadwater // April 16, 2023

  • “Now Mr. Jordan, 59, is using his perch on the judiciary panel to defend his most important political patron, Mr. Trump, and to attack his adversaries, including the Biden administration, Democrats and Mr. Bragg, who has brought 34 criminal charges against the former president.”

  • “But Mr. Jordan has also acknowledged there is another goal at work, telling a conservative audience last year the investigations would “help frame up the 2024 race” in a way that benefits Mr. Trump.”

  • “But his close ties with Mr. Trump propelled Mr. Jordan to superstar status among conservative media outlets, including Fox News, and his political operation has reaped the financial benefits, recording a 20-fold increase in fund-raising. In 2016, Mr. Jordan’s campaign brought in about $732,000; during the last election cycle, it took in $14 million.”

  • “Mr. Jordan was also there for Mr. Trump after he lost the 2020 election and began searching for ways to cling to power. The Ohio Republican helped devise a communications strategy to undermine public confidence in the election results and became a key planner of the congressional objections to Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory.

  • “On Jan. 5, 2021 a day before rioters stormed the Capitol, Mr. Jordan forwarded to his friend Mark Meadows, then the White House chief of staff, a text message he had received from a former Pentagon inspector general outlining a legal strategy to overturn Mr. Trump’s election loss.

  • “White House calls logs show Mr. Trump reached out on the morning of Jan. 6 to Mr. Jordan, who had been organizing objections to Mr. Biden’s election on the House floor, and spoke with him for 10 minutes.”

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