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Congressional Integrity Project June 19 – June 23, 2023 Summary

Jun 23, 2023

This week, while Congressional Republicans are beginning their next political stunt, the bogus impeachment of President Biden, they seem to have forgotten they have held failed hearing after failed hearing and have found nothing the least bit incriminating on President Biden who has an unimpeachable record to run on. Republicans can’t compete with that record so they are engaging in more pathetic stunts – up to and including impeachment. 

The Biden administration has worked hard for the American people, creating millions of jobs, lowering health care and prescription drug costs, passing a historic infrastructure law, and putting the pandemic in the rearview mirror. Republicans know they have nothing to offer in comparison but partisan political stunts while completely ignoring the issues Americans face every day.

Congressional Integrity Project also created a new graphic calling out James Comer’s hypocritical statements about the Trump-appointed prosecutor in the Hunter Biden investigation. Comer and other MAGA Republicans have been hypocritically crying foul about a GOP appointee-led investigation that began during the Trump administration and has continued into the Biden administration. The contrast in their comments only further demonstrates how Republicans continue to attack the DOJ to appease former President Trump instead of addressing the real issues Americans are facing.

CIP sent out 6 rapid-response products, including statements, fact sheets, and roundups.

MAGA Republicans have been throwing a fit in response to Hunter Biden’s plea, despite the fact that the deal was reached with a Trump-appointed U.S. attorney after a thorough five-year investigation. 

For years, Republicans supported Trump-appointed US attorney David Weiss, but now many Republicans have decried the plea deal reached and denounced it as part of a supposed two-tiered justice system. 

As MAGA Republicans like James Comer continue to attack the Department of Justice for reaching a plea deal and probation agreement with Hunter Biden they defend Donald Trump who has been indicted for mishandling classified and national security documents at every turn.  This contrast only further demonstrates how Republicans continue to attack the DOJ to appease the former president.

House Republicans are once again engaging in outrageous political stunts. It is no coincidence that this comes shortly after Donald Trump was indicted on 37 felony counts over his improper handling of classified documents.

At this week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with testimony from Special Counsel John Durham, Jim Jordan tried to prove Trump innocent… again but failed… again. 

House Republicans are desperate to distract from the former president’s legal woes, and this bogus impeachment against President Biden is just another example of how far they are willing to go to get Trump re-elected in 2024 and advance an extreme MAGA agenda.

Finally, CIP shared the following talking points and message guidance with our Allies and staff members on the Hill.

Republicans like James Comer and Jim Jordan have made clear that they only care about political stunts designed to hurt President Biden in order to help their leader Donald Trump and advance an extreme MAGA agenda. The next step in their plan is a bogus impeachment of President Biden who has an unimpeachable record to run on.