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ROUNDUP: MAGA “Grandstanding” Impeachment Efforts Amount To Bogus “Playground Games”

Jun 21, 2023

The MAGA House is engaged in another outrageous political stunt, pushing bogus articles of impeachment against President Biden shortly after Donald Trump was indicted on 37 felony counts over his improper handling of classified documents. House Republicans are desperate to distract from the former president’s legal woes, and this bogus impeachment against President Biden is just another example of how far they are willing to go to get Trump re-elected in 2024 and advance an extreme MAGA agenda. Even though President Biden has done nothing to warrant impeachment, Republicans are engaging in more political stunts in a desperate attempt to overshadow his record of creating millions of jobs, lowering health care and prescription drug costs, passing an historic infrastructure law, and putting the pandemic in the rearview mirror. But don’t just take our word for it:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) all but admitted that these impeachment efforts are politically motivated, tweeting: “We will not win in 2024 if we do not inspire the base and many people who won’t vote for Republicans because R’s are not addressing the two biggest issues in the country. Impeach criminals and protect kids if you want voters to flood the polls and vote Republican.”

The Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial Board: Impeach The President? Enough Grandstanding. “Boebert’s latest attempt to threaten the Biden presidency with an unattainable and, arguably, groundless impeachment — she tried in 2021, as well — might delight die-hards in her political base. But it probably leaves a lot of 3rd Congressional District voters feeling underwhelmed. […] Of course, the effort doesn’t have a prayer even in a House that has reverted to Republican control since the November election. The same goes for other members’ attempts at impeachment. Differences over immigration or any other policy issue are rightly viewed by most sensible members of Congress as grounds for debate, not impeachment. So there aren’t enough votes for an impeachment in the House, and the Democratic Senate wouldn’t vote to convict. Which probably is why Colorado’s 6th Congressional District U.S. Rep. Jason Crow dismissed Boebert’s impeachment attempt as a ‘clown show’ in a tweet last week. He has a point. Make no mistake, Boebert raises serious concerns about the border — concerns we share. And she is justified in lashing out at the Biden administration’s abdication of its responsibility to secure our nation’s borders. The issue warrants serious debate and a demand for action — not a political stunt that only serves to foster more public skepticism about the whole political process.” [The Colorado Springs Gazette, 6/18/23]

Raw Story: Lauren Boebert Says She’s Being ‘Directed’ By ‘God’ To Impeach Biden. “Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said she was moved by the ‘spirit of God’ to draft impeachment articles against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Right Wing Watch first reported Boebert’s Tuesday interview on the Victory Channel’s Flashpoint program. The interview came just hours after Boebert introduced her impeachment effort. ‘All glory to God,’ Boebert explained. ‘This is grace. This is God’s empowerment and His ability and staying grounded, rooted in the Word of God, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’ ‘And I am directed and led by Him,” she added. “You know, there was pressure for me not to introduce the articles of impeachment tonight, well, not introduce them, but to bring them up and call them for a vote.’” [Raw Story, 6/21/23]

The Independent: Boebert’s Latest Attempt To Impeach Biden Had Republicans ‘Rolling Eyes’, Says Democrat. “Lauren Boebert’s latest stunt to impeach Joe Biden had Republicans ‘rolling their eyes’ at the Colorado congresswoman, said a Democratic lawmaker. Ms Boebert, a far-right GOP congresswoman from Colorado, introduced articles of impeachment against the president for ‘dereliction of duty’ at the Southern border. […] This is not the first time Ms Boebert has tried the stunt, as she also attempted it unsuccessfully back in 2021. And Maxwell Frost, a Democrat from Florida, took to Twitter to say that even Ms Boebert’s GOP colleagues seemed tired of her antics. ‘I’m on the House Floor and Boebert is introducing articles of impeachment on President Biden. I see even Republicans rolling their eyes. Lmao,’ he tweeted.” [The Independent (UK), 6/20/23]

USA Today: Lauren Boebert Is Trying To Impeach President Joe Biden. The White House Calls It A Stunt. “White House spokesperson Ian Sams dismissed Boebert’s decision to bring articles of impeachment against Biden as a stunt that distracts from working for her constituents. ‘Instead of working with @POTUS on the issues that matter most to Americans, like jobs and inflation and health care, extreme House Republicans are staging baseless political stunts that do nothing to help real people, just to try to get attention for themselves,’ Sams wrote on Twitter.” [USA Today, 6/21/23]

Politico: A New Wedge Divides House GOP: Quick Biden Impeachment. “House GOP hardliners have found a new tactic to push their party further rightward — and cause heartburn for Speaker Kevin McCarthy: forcing doomed votes on impeaching President Joe Biden. […] It adds up to a new headache for McCarthy, just two weeks after roughly a dozen conservatives held the House floor hostage out of fury over the California Republican’s debt deal with Biden.” [Politico, 6/21/23]