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Watchdog to Cruz and Hawley Staff: It’s Never too Late to do the Right Thing

Jan 14, 2021

Congressional Integrity Project calls on aides to rebuke anti-Democratic actions

Washington, D.C. – In the wake of the insurrection at the Capitol fomented by Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and other Trump supporters, there are reports that their staff, “have privately reached out to colleagues and reporters to assess the damage and begin to plan their exits.” The reports come after Senator Ted Cruz’s Communications Director already resigned in response to Cruz’s conduct. 

Congressional Integrity Project Executive Director Kyle Herrig released the following statement urging Cruz and Hawley’s senior staff to come forward and make their voices heard.

“The facts are clear: the anti-Democratic actions of Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and others undermined our democracy and incited violence that led to the deaths of at least five Americans. These Senators didn’t act alone: they did so with the support of donors, campaign committees and taxpayer-funded staff who work in the halls of Congress that were so viciously attacked.”

“The senior staff of these Senators have a choice – they can continue to support their bosses efforts to undermine our Democracy or they can step forward, make their voices heard and resign. We urge them to do the right thing at this critical moment for our country.” 

According to Legistorm, which compiles public records of Congressional employees, below is a list of select congressional staff members of Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

Senator Ted Cruz: Bryan David Bashur, William James Batson, Derek J. Bonett, Clinton Brown, Carolyn D. Busse, Omri M. Ceren, Steven A. Chartan, Sam Cooper, Martha B. Davis, Andrew Bray Davis, Garrett J. Exner, Erin B. Fleck, Kelsey Baer Flores, Gray C. Harker, Joel Newman Heimback, Christopher M. Jaarda, Maria T. Jeffrey, Samantha Guyott Leahy, Carolyn S. Madan, Christian E. McMullen, Benjamin A. Murrey, Marilyn Anne O’Grady, Charles Duncan Rankin, Jessica L. Skaggs, Jon Austin Smithson, Paul M. Windsor

Senator Josh Hawley: Derek A. Armer, Clinton Brown, Roman Kahn Burleson, Sean Joseph Cooksey, Andrew Michael Dummerth, John S. Ehrett, Kelli Anne Ford, Natalie C. Ford, Ellen C. James, Hunter R. Kelly, Daniel Masami Kishi, Philip T. Letsou, Corey Cooper Messervy, Jacob Olidort, Kyle J. Plotkin, Jacob Reses, Caleb J. Seibert, Alvaro R. Smith, Sarah Whitney Smith, Andrew Eric Teetsel, Alexander J. Velez-Green, Christopher G. Weihs