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STATEMENT: Unnecessary Subpoenas Prove MAGA Republicans Will Stop at Nothing to Smear President Biden

Nov 8, 2023

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For Immediate Release
Date: November 8, 2023

Washington, D.C. – This afternoon, James Comer and the MAGA House Oversight Committee subpoenaed members of the President’s family as part of their ongoing bogus impeachment inquiry – even though President Biden, his administration, and his family have all gone out of their way to cooperate with House Republicans. In response, Congressional Integrity Project Executive Director Kyle Herrig said the following:

“Not content with their attacks against President Biden, MAGA Republicans like James Comer and Jim Jordan have now decided to go after members of the president’s family, all of whom are private citizens. This partisan stunt is clearly a desperate attempt to distract from the GOP’s crushing defeat across the country last night and turn the focus back on hurting President Biden. Last night, Americans showed that they want their elected representatives to focus on addressing the real issues, like inflation and health care, instead of playing partisan games. Rather than listening, James Comer and MAGA Republicans have continued their evidence-free charade.”

As Comer himself bragged in June, “we have gotten 100 percent of what we requested.” The White House has complied with requests for documents and information. President Biden’s family has complied with requests for documents and information. President Biden himself has released a quarter of a century’s worth of financial records to the public. 


Comer Himself Admitted “We Have Gotten 100 Percent Of What We Requested.” During a Fox News interview in June 2023, Comer bragged that he had received “100 percent” of what he requested through subpoenas as part of his investigation into President Biden and his family: “Every subpoena that I’ve signed as chairman of the House Oversight Committee over the last five months, we’ve gotten 100 percent of what we’ve requested, whether it’s with the FBI or with banks or with Treasury. We have built up success that will lead to more success because now what we’re subpoenaing is a lot more challenge [sic].” [Fox Business, ‘Kudlow’, 6/29/23, VIDEO]

President Biden’s Family Has Complied With House Republicans’ Requests. Members of the President’s family have repeatedly complied with House Republicans’ requests for documents and information. In September, Hunter Biden’s lawyers sent a packet to House Republicans, stating, “with the agreement of our client and his former counsel, we provide you with the following…Communications and documents in our possession responsive to your requests.” [Letter to Representatives James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Jason Smith, 9/14/23]

Representatives of President Biden’s Family Volunteered To Meet With House Republicans. James Comer Ignored Them. “Republicans insist that Joe and Hunter Biden are stonewalling the investigation into their supposed crimes. But the GOP actually passed up on a chance to discuss Hunter’s financial records. […] The Oversight Committee requested more than a decade’s worth of Hunter Biden’s bank records on February 8. And the very next day, Hunter Biden’s legal team responded. ‘On February 9, we wrote back to you and, while pointing out the concerns about the motive and improper basis for your requests, I specifically said, ‘I would offer to sit with you and your staff, including the ranking member and his staff, to see whether Mr. Biden has information that may inform some legitimate legislative purpose and be helpful to the Committee,’ Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell said Tuesday in a letter, which was shared with The New Republic. ‘You never responded to that offer.’” [The New Republic, 9/14/23]

President Biden Has Released 25 Years of Tax Returns and Financial Records To The Public. President Biden has shared 25 years’ worth of tax returns, including his years as Vice President of the U.S. and his earlier presidential campaign. In stark contrast, former President Trump has refused to do so for years. James Comer himself has only released tax returns publicly for two years, despite being elected to Congress in 2016 and holding public office continuously since 2001.