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STATEMENT: The House GOP’s Latest Impeachment Stunt Has Dropped All Pretense of Legitimacy

Nov 13, 2023

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For Immediate Release
Date: November 13, 2023

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, MAGA Republicans, led by Marjorie Taylor Greene, are expected to vote on whether to move forward with a motion to impeach Department Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Just days away from a government shutdown, this impeachment attempt is nothing but a political stunt meant to distract the American people from MAGA Republicans’ inability to govern.

In response, Congressional Integrity Project senior advisor, Leslie Dach, issued the following statement: 

“MAGA House Republicans’ latest impeachment attempt is nothing but a political stunt. Speaker Johnson all but admitted the Biden impeachment is a sham, driven by nothing but his poll numbers and politics – the House GOP has dropped all pretense of legitimacy. Impeaching Secretary Mayorkas is just another attempt to distract from the failures of the House GOP and help the implementation of Donald Trump’s extreme, xenophobic immigration plan. We are four days away from a government shutdown and this is what they are focused on instead of the priorities of hard-working Americans across the country, like addressing the economy or inflation.”