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STATEMENT: McCarthy, Jordan, Biggs, and Perry Facing Ethics Investigations For Defying Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas

Dec 19, 2022

Washington D.C. – Today the January 6th Committee referred House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, incoming Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, Judiciary and Oversight Committees member Andy Biggs, and Congressman Scott Perry to the House Ethics Committee for defying the committee’s subpoenas to testify about their roles in trying to overturn the 2020 election and the insurrection at the Capitol. In response, Congressional Integrity Project’s Executive Director, Kyle Herrig, said the following: 

“The American people cannot trust McCarthy, Jordan, Biggs or any of their MAGA Republican allies to run fair and legitimate investigations after they were just referred to the ethics committee for refusing to cooperate with one of the most important bipartisan investigations in American history.  Conducting legitimate investigations requires credibility, and these members clearly have none.  

“Instead of focusing on issues that Americans actually care about, Republicans have admitted that they will follow Trump’s lead and use hyperpartisan investigations as a ploy to try to weaken their political opponents. These MAGA Republicans clearly only care about gaining power and advancing their extreme agenda.”