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STATEMENT: MAGA House Republicans Bring the Baseless Impeachment Clown Show to the Senate

Apr 16, 2024

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For Immediate Release
Date: April 16, 2024

Washington, D.C. – Today, MAGA House Republicans officially sent their baseless articles of impeachment for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Maryorkas to the Senate. They have spent the past year investigating the Secretary and have not found a single shred of evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors. In response, Congressional Integrity Project executive director, Kyle Herrig, issued the following statement: 

“The impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas is nothing but a baseless political stunt to help Donald Trump. At Trump’s direction, MAGA House Republicans killed a bipartisan border security bill while repeatedly claiming that the border was their top concern. The GOP-led House was only able to pass the articles of impeachment by one vote over bipartisan opposition and after they failed on the first round of votes. And, to show just how seriously they are taking this, Mike Johnson chose MAGA extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs, and Clay Higgins to be impeachment managers. It is time for the Senate to put an end to this farce once and for all.”