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Statement: Johnson Pulls Out All the Stops for Trump; Trump Returns Favor

Aug 17, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – After Ron Johnson publicly declared last week that his mismanagement as Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee “would certainly help Donald Trump win reelection,” Trump is repaying the favor with a campaign stop in Johnson’s hometown of Oshkosh today. This is yet another example of how Johnson has prioritized his corrupt relationship with Trump over his constituents.  In response, Michael Czin, Spokesman for the Congressional Integrity Project, released the following statement:

“Sen. Johnson’s true colors showed last week when he admitted to using his Chairmanship to help Trump win re-election instead of addressing Trump’s failed coronavirus response, efforts to undermine the Postal Service, or a host of other important issues that his committee should be focused on. 

“Ron Johnson was sent to Washington to serve the people of Wisconsin. Instead he’s used his position to advance his financial and political interests – even when it harms his constituents.” 

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