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STATEMENT: Jim Jordan Continues His Embarrassing Political Circus

Mar 30, 2023

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For Immediate Release
Date: March 30, 2023

Washington, D.C. – Today, the House Judiciary Weaponization subcommittee held a hearing on a lawsuit Missouri v. Biden, regarding so-called censorship of conservative voices. The two witnesses who are parties in the suit – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and former Missouri Attorney General and current U.S. Senator Eric Schmitt – scurried out of the hearing room before Democrats were able to question them and their testimony. In response, Congressional Integrity Project Executive Director, Kyle Herrig, issued the following statement: 

“Today’s Weaponization subcommittee hearing was an embarrassing farce. Two of the Republicans’ witnesses didn’t even stick around to defend their lies, aided and abetted by Jim Jordan. Jordan and his fellow MAGA Republicans are afraid of the truth. If the lawsuit and this hearing were anything beyond baseless political stunts they should be more than happy to defend their case in front of the American people. Instead of focusing on the real issues that Americans have made clear that they want Congress to focus on like health care and gun violence, Jim Jordan and his colleagues continue to waste taxpayer money in a pathetic attempt to hurt President Biden and Democrats to try to get Donald Trump re-elected. Jim Jordan continues to show why he is not ready for prime time.”