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STATEMENT: If James Comer Really Believes in Familial Conflicts of Interest He Must Join With the Current Oversight Chair to Look at Foreign Influence on Jared Kushner

Dec 7, 2022

Washington D.C. – Today, the Washington Post reported that Democrats are ramping up investigations into Jared Kushner’s business dealings while serving in the White House. In response, Congressional Integrity Project senior adviser Brad Woodhouse said the following:

“Anyone who purports to be interested in the conflicts of a president’s family would have to be interested in an investigation into Jared Kushner and his business dealings while he was a White House employee working steps away from the Oval Office. So why doesn’t James Comer join with the current chair of the House Oversight Committee to see if the former president’s son-in-law was influenced by foreign actors? Since he was a White House employee at the time, it’s imperative that the American people find out if his connections affected United States policy in any way. Anyone who claims to not be interested in this line of investigation while wanting to investigate President Biden’s family is not on the level.”

Washington Post: Democrats ramp up investigation of Kushner family business dealings

By Michael Kranish // December 7, 2022

Democrats on a pair of congressional committees have launched an aggressive new effort to obtain information about whether Jared Kushner’s actions on U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf region as a senior White House adviser were influenced by the bailout of a property owned by his family business.

Citing previously undisclosed emails and other documents related to former president Donald Trump’s son-in-law, the committees on Monday night sent letters to the State and Defense departments requesting material that they say could shed new light on whether “Kushner’s financial conflict of interest may have led him to improperly influence U.S. tax, trade and national security policies for his own financial gain.”

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