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STATEMENT: Comer’s Latest Argument With the FBI Is Just Another Political Stunt

Jun 5, 2023

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For Immediate Release
Date: June 5, 2023

Washington, D.C. – James Comer is set to view a FBI document he claims has information on President Biden, but despite his spin that the FBI has battled his request, the truth is that Comer has repeatedly admitted that he has already seen the document. Once again, Comer proves that he cares more about political stunts than conducting actual credible investigations. And let’s not forget that Comer also recently admitted that MAGA Republican’s investigations into President Biden are really all about hurting President Biden’s poll numbers and helping their disgraced former president Donald Trump, win re-election in 2024. In response, Congressional Integrity Project executive director, Kyle Herrig, issued the following statement: 

“If this document – that Comer has admitted he has already seen – actually proves anything then Comer would be focusing on the substance rather than lies that the FBI has been obstructing him. But we all know Comer doesn’t care about the truth of his allegations. He is just hoping if he repeats these claims on TV and radio enough people will buy them and it will hurt Biden and help Trump, despite those pesky facts and truth getting in his way.” 

June 1:  Comer:  “We Viewed The Document.”  Sean Hannity: Let me go to the source for a second. Now you’ve had the document, you know who the source is, you already know what’s in the document. But yet…  What’s that, sir? James Comer: We don’t possess the document. We viewed the document, Hannity: You viewed the document. So you know what’s in the document?  Comer: Yes.” [Sean Hannity Radio, 6/1/23

May 31:  Comer:  Chuck Grassley And I “Have Already Seen The 1023 Form.”  James Comer: I’m gonna say on this show what we told Director Wray, what Senator Grassley told Director Wray. He and I have already seen the 1023 form. We knew what was in the 1023 form.” [“Hannity,” Fox News, 5/31/23

May 11: Comer Suggested That He Already Had The 1023 Form In His Possession.  Sean Hannity: You got a letter back from Christopher Wray denying your request, but saying that they will work with you. Do you interpret that to mean that they know exactly what document you’re talking about, which by the way, for the record, is not classified? James Comer: Oh, they know exactly what document we’re talking about. I would say they suspect we even have the document. So…  Hannity: Well, wait a minute. Do you have the document? Comer:  I can’t answer that question, but I will say it’s not classified.” [Sean Hannity Radio, 5/11/23