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SHOT/CHASER: We Have The Receipts For Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Racist & Antisemitic Comments

Jul 20, 2023

SHOT: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Today: “In my entire life, I have never uttered a phrase that was either racist or antisemitic.” [Video, Tweet, 7/20/23]

CHASER: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just this past weekend: His racist and antisemitic comments were exposed. He suggested COVID-19 is “ethnically targeted” to “attack Caucasians and Black people” and to spare “Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese” people. [Video, Tweet, 7/15/23]

And that was not Kennedy’s first time spreading antisemitic and xenophobic comments. Read more about his racist, antisemitic, and xenophobic comments and conspiracy theories in Congressional Integrity Project’s report RFK Jr: Conspiracy Theorist, Extremist, Republican Stooge.