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SHOT/CHASER: MAGA House Republicans’ Lies About the AFT Are Exposed Again

Aug 7, 2023

SHOT: Comer’s Oversight Committee Claimed the CDC Provided “Uncommon Access” to the AFT on COVID Guidance. “The CDC provided uncommon access to the American Federation of Teachers and accepted two recommendations that significantly altered its school reopening guidance. […] The CDC providing special access to an organization that is primarily driven by politics and not science to influence its scientific guidance is highly concerning and deserves further investigation.” [House Oversight Committee Press Release, 4/27/23]

CHASER: The CDC Consulted 50 Organizations, Including Boards of Education, Superintendents, Public Health and Medical Professional Organizations, and Parents’ Groups. “CDC consulted approximately 50 organizations in developing the Operational Strategy, including boards of education, superintendents, public health and medical professional organizations, and parents’ groups. In direct contradiction to Republican claims that CDC gave AFT “unprecedented access” to drafts of the Operational Strategy, evidence available to the Select Subcommittee demonstrates that CDC shared complete drafts of the guidance with other stakeholders before AFT was even aware that guidance was forthcoming.” [POLITICO Pro, 7/31/23]