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SHOT/CHASER: Jordan Continues to Lie About His So-Called Whistleblowers

May 18, 2023

SHOT: Jordan Claims One Of His Whistleblowers Was Suspended For Simply Doing His Job.

[House Weaponization Subcommittee report, 5/18/23]

CHASER: Jordan’s “Whistleblower” Refused To Actually Do His Job According To The FBI. “The letter noted that when another agent asked Mr. Allen to conduct open source research about a Jan. 6 suspect, he reported back that he had found no information that the person had engaged in any criminal activity or had any ‘nexus to terrorism.’ Based on Mr. Allen’s reports, the letter said, the other agent closed the case, but it was later reopened after a different F.B.I. employee discovered publicly available information showing that the target of the inquiry had assaulted police officers at the Capitol.” [New York Times, 5/17/23]