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SHOT/CHASER: Jim Jordan Is A Total, Unethical Hypocrite

Dec 20, 2022

SHOT: Incoming House Judiciary Chairman, Jim Jordan, promises ethics investigations to hold Big Tech ‘accountable’. [Twitter, 12/20/22

CHASER: House January 6 committee refers Rep. Jim Jordan to House Ethics Committee for failing to comply with its subpoena. “At the end of its final meeting, Jan. 6 committee members voted unanimously on the referral of Jordan, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, and Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona to the ethics committee, which enforces the institution’s rules… A portion of the Jan. 6 committee’s final report that was released after the meeting said Jordan and the other Republican Congress members ‘should be questioned in a public forum about their advance knowledge of and role in President Trump’s plan to prevent the peaceful transition of power.’” [, 12/19/22]

In May, rather than comply with the subpoena issued by the January 6 Committee, Jordan issued a list of demands of the committee, including access to all of the materials it plans on using to question him ahead of any deposition, all of the documents and testimony in the committee’s possession that reference him and an explanation of the legal authority upon which the committee relied in issuing a subpoena. 

  • Jordan called the subpoena “a dangerous escalation of House Democrats’ pursuit of political vendettas” and accused committee members of leading a partisan investigation that is not designed to seek the truth but instead to settle political scores with Donald Trump.