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SHOT/CHASER: Immigration Hypocrisy — 2023 James Comer Meet 2013 James Comer

Feb 6, 2023

Head Hypocrite and Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer plans to take the latest step in his partisan stunts by launching an “investigation” into the southern border. Instead of coming to the table with solutions to help fix our immigration system, Comer and his MAGA allies on his committee are playing partisan, political, and hypocritical games to harm President Biden and Democrats while making room to pursue their MAGA agenda. Comer and MAGA Republicans blatantly ignored the exact same border issues during the Trump administration and have consistently walked away from negotiations and obstructed any forward progress. If you want to see how hypocritical the MAGA House Majority is, look no further than James Comer. Current James Comer would have a lot to argue about with past James Comer.

SHOT: Comer Announced A Hearing Criticizing Biden For An “Open Borders Agenda” That Was “Encouraging Illegal Immigrants To Flout US Immigration Laws”. January 19th, 2023: Comer Announced An Oversight Hearing Saying Biden’s “Open Borders Agenda” Was “Encouraging Illegal Immigrants To Flout U.S. Immigration Laws.” “Today, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) announced the committee will hold a hearing to investigate the Biden Administration’s policies that have fueled the ongoing border crisis the week of February 6th. “President Biden’s radical open borders agenda has ignited the worst border crisis in American history. The Biden Administration’s deliberate actions are fueling human smuggling, stimulating drug cartel operations, enabling deadly drugs such as fentanyl to flow into American communities, and encouraging illegal immigrants to flout U.S. immigration laws. Republicans will hold the Biden Administration accountable for this ongoing humanitarian, national security, and public health crisis that has turned every town into a border town,” said Chairman Comer.” [US House Oversight Committee Press Release, 1/19/23]

CHASER: As KY Agriculture Commissioner Comer Said Immigrant Labor Was Important For Many Kentucky Farmers Who Can’t Be Expected To Check Immigration Status Of Migrant Workers. 2013: As Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Jim Comer Said If It Weren’t For Immigrant Labor Many Kentucky Farmers Wouldn’t Be Able To Harvest Their Crops—He Also Added That It Was Unrealistic For Farmers To Check Migrant Workers Immigration Status Before Hiring Them. “Kentucky’s agriculture commissioner says comprehensive immigration reform would have a tremendous impact on the state’s farmers and livestock producers. James Comer says if it weren’t for immigrant labor, many Kentucky farmers wouldn’t be able to harvest their crops. He says it’s not realistic to expect farmers to figure out the immigration status of potential employees. Comer says, “They try to do things right, but it’s difficult to find out when they hire immigrant labor whether their status is legal or not. It’s just too difficult.” Comer says he has spoken to Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul about the need for an immigration overhaul and what it would mean for the commonwealth’s agriculture industry. Comer—a Monroe County Republican—says he thinks many members of the GOP are beginning to see the need for comprehensive immigration reform.” [WKMS, 2/6/13]