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SHOT/CHASER: Comer’s So-Called COVID Investigations Should Start By Looking in the Mirror

Feb 1, 2023

SHOT: Oversight Committee Chair, Rep. James Comer, Plans to Hold First Oversight Hearings on COVID Response. “Rep. James Comer’s scrutiny of the Biden administration commences Wednesday as his Oversight Committee holds its first substantive hearing to begin investigating how federal money allocated for COVID-19 assistance was actually spent.” [McClatchy, 1/31/23

CHASER: Comer’s “Investigation” Should Start With His Family. “Kyle Herrig, executive director of the left-leaning Congressional Integrity Project, told The Daily Beast in a statement that Comer had ‘padded his brother’s pockets’ and should start his investigation by ‘looking in the mirror.’ ‘While Chairman Comer has made clear that orchestrating political attacks on Joe Biden’s family is his top priority, his own family benefitted from PPP loans while spending lavishly on luxuries like NFL season tickets. If Comer is looking for evidence of waste, fraud, and abuse in pandemic aid programs, he should start by looking in the mirror,’ the statement said. ‘The PPP reporting guidelines he helped relax padded his brother’s pockets. Instead of spending all his time pushing partisan smears, Chair Comer should focus on the priorities the American people care about, like reducing costs.’” [Daily Beast, 1/31/23].