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SHOT/CHASER: Comer Says Impeachment Probe Is Winding Down – Even Though 10 Months of Fruitless Investigations Have Turned Up No Evidence

Nov 1, 2023

This morning, Comer revealed his latest so-called bombshell: another clear loan repayment that occurred when the president was neither in office nor a candidate for one. But just yesterday, Oversight Chair James Comer announced that his impeachment inquiry is in a “downhill phase” – echoing his admission last week that the first impeachment hearing went so poorly that he doesn’t want to hold any more hearings.

Comer is wrapping up his investigation with one unshakeable fact: he has been completely unable to show a single shred of wrongdoing by President Biden. Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson, James Comer, and their MAGA colleagues have one goal in mind – harm President Biden so Donald Trump can return to the White House – and they don’t care what lies and conspiracy theories they have to spread to get it done. 

SHOT: James Comer says that his baseless impeachment inquiry into President Biden is winding down – just days after he announced that he doesn’t want to bother with any more hearings. 

  • Newsweek: Biden Impeachment Inquiry In ‘Downhill Phase’: James Comer. “Oversight Committee Chair Representative James Comer on Tuesday claimed that the divisive impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is in the ‘downhill’ phase and should wrap up soon.” [Newsweek, 10/31/23]
  • The Daily Beast: James Comer Now Wants to Wrap Up Biden Impeachment Probe ‘ASAP’. “The announcement that Comer wants to quickly finish up his probe into the ‘Biden crime family’ comes a week after he admitted he didn’t want to hold any more public hearings, claiming he ‘can do more with’ depositions. […] ‘So I think people are going to see a pretty impressive work product at the end of this and we’re trying to wrap it up as soon as possible.’” [Daily Beast, 10/31/23]

CHASER: James Comer’s own witnesses said there is no evidence for impeachment and 10 months of investigations have turned up NOTHING.

  • Comer’s Own Witnesses Have Admitted There Is No Evidence Of Wrongdoing:
    • The Independent: GOP Witness Admits No Evidence To Impeach Biden At First Impeachment Hearing. “Not even a trio of friendly witnesses — all prominent right-wing commentators — could offer any new evidence or arguments in favour of impeaching Mr Biden, with the panel’s lead witness, a paid Fox News contributor and law professor called Jonathan Turley, even going so far as to echo Mr Raskin’s allegation that the GOP lacked ‘a shred’ of derogatory evidence against the president.” [The Independent, 9/28/23]
    • The New Republic: GOP Impeachment Fiasco Continues: They Turn Against Their Own Witness. “Archer said he was ‘not aware of any’ wrongdoing by the president, and said he disagreed with the allegation that Biden accepted a bribe.” [The New Republic, 9/28/23]

  • Comer’s Latest Claims Have Been Quickly Debunked. Just today, Comer revealed his latest so-called bombshell: another over-hyped clear loan repayment that occurred when the president was neither in office nor a candidate for one. But journalists quickly pushed back on the press release, pointing out that the transaction was already public information:
    • Stephen Neukam (The Messenger): “We @TheMessenger reported this payment last week. And bank records suggest it was payback for a short term loan that Joe Biden gave to his brother.” [Stephen Neukam, Twitter, 11/1/23]
    • Joe Perticone (The Bulwark): “The latest Comer reveal is just another loan repayment that occurred when Biden was neither in office or a candidate for office.” [Joe Perticone, Twitter, 11/1/23]
  • Last Week, Comer’s Claims Of Another Clear Loan Repayment Were Quickly Discredited As Yet Another Nothing Burger:
    • CNN: Fact Check: Evidence Supports Democrats’ Case That Joe Biden Made A Personal Loan To His Brother. “But banking records reviewed by CNN, which Comer’s committee possesses, provide substantial evidence in support of the Democrats’ assertions that there was indeed a $200,000 loan from Joe Biden to James Biden less than two months before the James Biden ‘loan repayment’ check to Joe Biden for the same amount.” [CNN, 10/31/23]
    • The Messenger: GOP Touts Bombshell Biden Payments — But Records Suggest Otherwise: “The records show in 2017, Joe Biden gave another short-term loan to his brother, sending him $40,000 from the same account maintained by his attorney. James Biden, again, repaid that loan without interest in just over a month, records show.” [The Messenger, 10/26/23]
    • Independent Fact Checkers: “The Claims Have Outpaced The Evidence.” “But as has been the case so often in the House investigation of the finances of Joe Biden’s family members, the claims have outpaced the evidence so far.” [, 10/26/23]
  • MSNBC (Opinion): GOP’s Comer Can’t Shake Dependence On False Anti-Biden Claims. “House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has reason to feel discouraged. The Kentucky Republican has spent nearly the entire year trying to uncover evidence to support his investigation into President Joe Biden, and to date, the GOP congressman has come up empty. Many in his own party have made clear, publicly and privately, that they are ‘not happy’ with Comer’s failures. Making matters worse, the Oversight Committee chairman has been caught trying to justify his flailing efforts with claims that are clearly false.” [MSNBC (Opinion), 11/1/23]
  • TIMELINE: Over The Past 10 Months, Comer’s Hearings & Witnesses Have All Failed To Uncover Any Evidence of Wrongdoing:
    • October 2023
      • Comer’s latest witness, Scott Brady, testified that he failed to assess the credibility of a key source of bribery allegations against President Biden.
      • Despite receiving more than 14,000 pages of bank records as part of his Biden family probe, Comer failed to find a single transaction showing any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. 
    • September 2023 
      • Comer’s first impeachment inquiry hearing was an utter failure. Two of Republicans’ three witnesses, including Jonathan Turley, directly testified that there is no evidence to support impeachment: “If that’s what exists as a basis for this inquiry, it is not sufficient.”
      • A former Ukrainian president refuted Comer’s outlandish claim that U.S. support for the war in Ukraine was rooted in a “conflict of interest” stemming from Hunter Biden’s business in the county. 
      • Comer found absolutely nothing from emails dating back to Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency.
      • Comer’s claims that the Office of the Vice President supposedly colluded with Hunter Biden backfired when the actual evidence was revealed. 
    • August 2023
      • Fact checkers debunked Comer’s false claims that President Biden’s use of an email pseudonym during the Obama administration was “code” for Hunter Biden.
      • Comer’s much-hyped IRS whistleblowers’ claims about so-called interference with an investigation into hunter biden were debunked by at least six other witnesses brought in for questioning by Oversight Republicans.
      • Comer’s third bank memo produced no evidence of a bribe.
    • July 2023
      • Comer’s supposed star witness, Devon Archer, failed to prove that President Biden did anything wrong.
      • Comer’s top IRS whistleblowers testified that there’s no evidence President Biden interfered in IRS/DOJ investigations into Hunter Biden.
    • June 2023
      • Comer and Sen. Grassley failed to produce evidence of bribery after subpoenaing the FBI and risking the safety of confidential sources. He failed to mention that 40 FBI informants couldn’t substantiate a crime against President Biden. Worse still, the owner of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, had already rebutted the uncorroborated bribery allegations back in 2019.
      • Comer hyped so-called bribery tapes, then later admitted… not knowing if they “really exist.” 
      • Comer falsely claimed that the Biden family took more than $20 million from foreign nations – even though only about $7 million could be directly attributed to Biden family members, mostly Hunter, while the rest went to associates.
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