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SHOT/CHASER: Comer Is Fundraising Off Impeachment… Something He Claimed He Wouldn’t Do Just Two Months Ago

Oct 12, 2023

Clearly, James Comer does not care about legitimate oversight, and he never did. Comer has wasted the last ten months pursuing a baseless impeachment inquiry into President Biden, all to increase his own name recognition and line his own campaign chest, while tarnishing President Biden and helping Donald Trump. 

SHOT: James Comer on October 12: “I am so thankful 🙏 to everyone all across America 🇺🇸 who supported my efforts to investigate public corruption at the highest levels last quarter.
33,200 Individual small dollar donors from all 50 states sends a strong message that Americans support credible Oversight.” [Twitter, 10/12/23]

CHASER: James Comer on August 16: I could be doing stunts every second and getting a bunch of retweets and probably raise money online and all that, but at the end of the day we would lose and that’s what Republicans have been doing for years. They’ve been losing.” [Twitter, 8/16/23]