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SHOT/CHASER: Comer Asked Us to Take A Look at the First Six Months of the MAGA Congress… Okay, Then

Jul 12, 2023

SHOT:  Comer: “I would welcome you to compare our first 6 months to the first 6 months of my predecessors’ oversight committees schedules and the topics that have been discussed.” [VIDEO, Tweet, 7/12/23]

CHASER: Over the past six months, James Comer’s investigations on the House Oversight Committee have failed by any conceivable measure in their ongoing sham investigations into President Biden. They have made false charges which they have repeatedly been forced to admit were untrue, relied on conspiracy theories, and condoned violence and white supremacists. They have shown they don’t have the credibility to do real investigations and have been roundly criticized for their failures. Even Fox News hosts and commentators have criticized Comer and Jordan for continuing their sham investigations. Read the full report here.