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ROUNDUP: MAGA Republicans’ Biden Impeachment Investigation Was a Total “Bust”

Mar 1, 2024

After over a year of investigating President Biden and failing to find a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever, it’s time for James Comer and MAGA House Republicans to end this embarrassing charade and political stunt – and everyone knows it. They have centered their baseless investigation around the testimony of unreliable, compromised witnesses, and have not been able to call on anyone who could corroborate their claims against the President. This political stunt is nothing more than a distraction from Trump’s crimes and the MAGA House Republicans’ year of legislative failures. It’s far past time for this impeachment stunt to end and for MAGA House Republicans to start focusing on the real priorities of Americans across the country.

Articles & Commentary

Stuart Varney, Fox Business: Do You Think The American Public Is “Getting a Little Tired of This?”

  • “Congressman, do you think maybe the American public is getting a little tired of this? Because they can’t they can’t understand it. It’s complicated. They don’t know all the names and places and faces. And you haven’t proved the basic point yet that President Biden was directly involved. Is the public getting tired of it?” [Fox Business, 2/29/24, VIDEO]

Rob Finnerty, Newsmax: I Don’t Know How Much Longer” The Impeachment Stunt Can Go On “Without Bearing Some Fruit.”

  • I just don’t know how much longer this investigation can- can go on without bearing some fruit…Have you had any conversations with our new House speaker, Mike Johnson, or James Comer, or Jim Jordan, about moving the ball down the field here? Because every time I have a member of Congress on and I understand, I hear you, but they say the exact same thing you just said.” [Newsmax, 2/29/24, VIDEO]

Dana Milbank, The Washington Post: Putin’s Useful Idiots Won’t Give Up On Their Impeachment Dreams.

  • To the extent there ever was life in the case against the president, it has died after a long illness”
  • For the House Republicans’ year-long attempt to impeach Biden, it now seems clear, was based on a Russian disinformation campaign — and House Republicans went along with it, either as useful idiots or knowing accomplices.
  • Are they unwitting tools of Moscow? Or willing conduits? At the very least, they don’t seem to care that they are serving as Vladimir Putin’s pawns. A dozen or so witnesses testified to House impeachment investigators that the president was not involved in his son’s businesses. The investigators have produced no evidence showing that the elder Biden benefited in any way from his son’s businesses or took any official action to help his son, or his brother.
  • Clearly, they will take dirt from any source, no matter how dubious. Even then, they have produced nothing that shows Joe Biden was involved in any way in the businesses of his son.
  • Had they a scintilla of shame, House Republicans would shut down this embarrassing caper before Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) shares more naked photos of Hunter Biden with the world. But there is no longer such a thing as shame. With a straight face, Comer still declares that ‘we’ve been very effective in getting the truth to the American people.’ It sounds better in the original Russian.” [The Washington Post (Opinion), 3/1/24]

Philip Bump, The Washington Post: Hunter Biden’s Point-By-Point Rebuttal Of Allegations Against His Father.

  • “It has been abundantly clear for months that the House Republican case suggesting that President Biden was corruptly involved in his son Hunter’s business engagements was a function of frenzied cherry-picking.
  • This was the intent of the hearing after all — and as Biden and his attorney had to remind Republicans at times — not to tear down Hunter Biden but to show how Joe Biden allegedly benefited from these business deals. Now more than ever, there’s no evidence he did.” [The Washington Post (Opinion), 3/1/24

Philip Bump, The Washington Post: Hunter Biden Gives House Republicans The Rebuttal They Didn’t Want.

  • “The discussion was centered on the Republican effort in the ongoing impeachment inquiry to demonstrate that President Biden had benefited financially from Hunter Biden’s business endeavors — and, they hoped, that the elder Biden had used his position as vice president to that end. They were unsuccessful in making that case from the hearing’s first moments.
  • The forest remains uninteresting to those trying to build a case for impeaching President Biden. In his testimony, Hunter Biden did an effective job of also explaining why the trees Republicans had focused on weren’t that important either.” [The Washington Post (Opinion), 2/29/24]

Rolling Stone: Republicans Are Basically Admitting the Hunter Biden Deposition Was a Bust.

  • The GOP is scrambling to keep their Biden impeachment inquiry alive despite their inability to turn up any damning evidence
  • Hunter Biden is at the center of the Biden impeachment inquiry, with Republicans alleging that his overseas business dealings are part of an influence-peddling scheme involving the president. They haven’t been able to turn up any evidence that this is the case, however.
  • Last week, the GOP’s star witness in the inquiry, former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, was alleged to have been in contact with Russian intelligence agents. He was also remanded into custody after being charged with providing fraudulent information to the FBI. Republicans similarly scrambled to spin the damning revelations ahead of the deposition with Hunter Biden.” [Rolling Stone, 2/29/24]

Members of Congress

Oversight Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (MD-08): “MAGA’s impeachment goose chase can’t pin a high crime or misdemeanor on the president, and its original star witness sits in jail awaiting prosecution for lying to the FBI. And so it ends, not with a bang but a whimper. Time to pack up the circus tent.” [Rep. Jamie Raskin, X, 2/28/24]

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14): “We now have…an entire impeachment inquiry that was opened based on a source compromised with Russian intelligence…It should be seen as the scandal that it is.” [Greg Sargent (The New Republic), X, 3/1/24]

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (IL-08): “I was in the room for Hunter Biden’s deposition yesterday. This investigation is going nowhere, and the fact that a majority of the evidence that opened the door to these hearings was provided by a Russian agent certainly undermines the GOP’s efforts to smear the president.” [Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, X, 2/29/24]

Rep. Katie Porter (CA-47): “House Republicans are playing right into Putin’s hand. The ‘star witness’ in their bogus impeachment inquiry turned out to be a liar with ties to Russian spies. And @SpeakerJohnson is still blocking support for Ukraine. Americans don’t want puppets in Congress; we want leaders.” [Rep. Katie Porter, X, 2/29/24]

Rep. Robert Garcia (CA-42): “Now that we are done with the Hunter impeachment sham, I want to remind everyone of the real White House family scandal. Why did Jared Kushner receive $2 billion from Saudi Arabia months after leaving his post overseeing Middle East policy?” [Congressman Robert Garcia, X, 2/29/24

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (FL-23): “🚨🚨WOW! In the Hunter Depo: For the first time some Republicans in the room have a problem with Jared Kushner getting 2 billion from the Saudis.” [Jared Moskowitz, X, 2/28/24]

Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-14): “RIP MAGA Impeachment.” [Rep. Eric Swalwell, X, 2/28/24]

Rep. Gerry Connolly (VA-11): “Republicans’ sham impeachment inquiry is based on testimony from a potential Russian agent, an accused Chinese spy, and someone currently in prison for fraud. In case you were thinking about taking this whole charade seriously.” [Rep. Gerry Connolly, 2/29/24]

Rep. Ted Lieu (CA-36): “The star witness for the Republicans’ sham impeachment proceedings was indicted for lying and spreading Russian disinformation. The Republicans who’ve been spreading this disinformation should apologize to the American people.” [Rep. Ted Lieu, X, 2/29/24]

Rep. Greg Caser (TX-45): “The biggest revelation so far in today’s Hunter Biden deposition: House Republicans continue to embarrass themselves and degrade their office. Today’s deposition has revealed… absolutely nothing.” [Congressman Greg Caser, X, 2/28/24]