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Poor Baby: James Comer Spends Hours On the News Whining About Lack Of News Media Interest In His Political Stunts

May 12, 2023

Since his disastrous press conference on Wednesday morning, James Comer has appeared on 120 minutes and counting of conservative media, including six separate appearances on Fox News or Fox Business, to air his grievances about the media not taking him and his partisan investigation seriously. Evidently, as a sitting congressman, chairman of one of the most important and influential committees in the House of Representatives, and representative of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, he has nothing better to do with his time. Here are some choice excerpts of his meltdown:

Great America Show With Lou Dobbs, 5/12/23

Comer: Of course they don’t have the audience that the mainstream has or that the two Democrat propaganda cable news stations have, but we’re just gonna keep provide more evidence. I mean, there’s, there’s reporters from CNN or reporters from CBS or you know, a reporter from ABC that acts like they’re interested. But for whatever reason, they never really report anything about it. But you know, I think everyone knows there’s something wrong. And you know, I was talking to Bob Woodward the other day, and we were talking about this investigation. And you know, he’s like, he has seen the media, just just, he’s watched their demise with respect to investigative journalism. I mean, it’s like investigative journalism on the Trump or Republicans but no investigative journalism with Democrats. It’s like they play criminal defense attorney for the Democrats or they turn a blind eye for the Democrats. And you know, what, what bothers me about the press conference, Lou? Is that Adam Schiff would just get up and say things and the press would run with it, you know, well, we’ve got the steel dossier, and it shows Russia in Trump colluded, which we all know was a complete lie. I produced bank records, which is actual evidence, something the media hasn’t seen in a long time from a congressional investigation, and they act like well, what’s this got to do with Joe? I mean, what are you kidding?

Fox and Friends, Fox News, 5/11/23

Kilmeade: — The New York – James – James, what do you – listen to what the New York Times said. “House Republicans report finds no evidence of wrongdoing.” Time magazine – I guess it still exists – “Comer investigation of the Biden relatives swings and misses.” 

What’s your reaction to their conclusion?

Comer: You know, I’m not surprised that the New York Times would say that.

Faulkner Focus, Fox News, 5/11/23

Comer: That’s right. I’m getting attacked by the Washington Post for having the audacity to have a press conference to answer questions and present facts.

John Solomon Reports, 5/11/23 

Solomon: What do you say to those media reporters that are ignoring what you’re doing?

Comer: The media is part of the problem. The Biden family wouldn’t do things like this, if they thought they would be held accountable in the media. So the media is an emissary, you know, the the media is helping in this way the media has helped compromise our national security, by not writing about this by not demanding two answers as to why the Biden family received that money. 

Guy Benson Show, 5/11/23

Benson: The headline in the New York Times, based on yesterday’s press conference, and the information laid out is this quote, House Republican report finds no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. And then the sub headline is, after months of investigation, and many public accusations of corruption against Mr. Biden and his family, the first report of the premier House GOP inquiry showed no proof of such misconduct. What is your response to that framing from the legend paper of record?

Comer: That’s journalism malpractice. I mean, it’s a joke.