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ROUNDUP: House Speaker Mike Johnson Is A Trump Sycophant With The Wrong Priorities

May 14, 2024

By now, it’s clear House Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson has the wrong priorities. Today, rather than going to work on behalf of the American people and focusing on important issues like the cost of living, border security, or access to health care, he spent the morning at the courthouse in New York City for Donald Trump’s criminal trial. The Speaker’s office is nothing but an arm of the Trump campaign, defending the disgraced former president at his trial for business fraud associated with hiding sex with a porn star from voters. Mike Johnson and MAGA House Republicans continue to focus their efforts on defending the twice impeached, four-time indicted, insurrection-starting former president, to help him return to the White House in 2024, rather than delivering results for working families across the country.

Liz Cheney, former Republican Congresswoman: 

  • Have to admit I’m surprised that @SpeakerJohnson wants to be in the “I cheated on my wife with a porn star” club. I guess he’s not that concerned with teaching morality to our young people after all.

Fred Wellman, podcast host: 

  • Pathetic. The Speaker of the House who says his entire world view is shaped by the Bible is in New York to support a man found civilly liable for rape, has admitted to cheating on all of his wives, and is on trial for manipulating an election. What an utter and complete fraud.

Shane Goldmacher, New York Times correspondent: 

  • In 2016, the House speaker was a pained, reluctant Trump supporter who isn’t voting for him in 2024. Today, the speaker is a pleased, solicitous Trump endorser who came to court in a show of solidarity.

Robert Costa, CBS News correspondent: 

  • An elected official with significant constitutional power, second in line to the presidency, weighing in on an active criminal case as a jury hears evidence this morning

Tim O’Brien, MSNBC editor:  

  • House Speaker Mike Johnson is outside the NY courthouse right now and essentially helping Trump sidestep the court’s gag order by acting as his proxy by attacking the integrity of the trial and judicial process.  He’s even targeting Justice Merchan’s daughter. Craven, lawless.

Aaron Rupar, reporter: 

  • Speaker Mike Johnson is outside Trump’s trial offering a stream of lies

Max Cohen, Punchbowl News reporter: 

  • Speaker Johnson fundraising off his appearance outside Trump trial

David Axelrod, CNN commentator: 

  • As if this weren’t already a bizarre reality show, now we have celebrity guest courtroom gallery appearances of acolytes looking to punch their card with the Boss

AP News: Speaker Mike Johnson’s appearance at Trump’s felony trial marks a remarkable moment in US politics. 

  • U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson assailed the U.S. judicial system on Tuesday, becoming the highest-ranking Republican to attend court with Donald Trump and using his powerful position to attack the case against the former president as an illegitimate “sham.”
  • It was a remarkable moment in modern American politics: The House speaker turning his Republican Party against the federal and state legal systems that are foundational to the U.S. government and a cornerstone of democracy.

New York Times: House Speaker Joins Republicans Visiting Trial to Say What Trump Can’t. 

  • Mr. Johnson’s attacks on Mr. Trump’s behalf did what the former president himself could not, bound as he is by a gag order during his trial on felony charges of falsifying business records. In recent days, Trump allies have stepped up one after another as his proxies, although Mr. Trump used a different term.
  • Mr. Johnson, whose persona back home in Louisiana is defined by family and faith, concluded his brief remarks without taking questions.

Politico: Mike Johnson comes to Trump’s defense. 

  • Johnson, a devout Southern Baptist who has publicly discussed his own efforts to avoid viewing online pornography, isn’t the first elected Republican to put aside moral qualms to reap the benefits of closeness with Trump.

Alternet: Mike Johnson skips out on getting must-pass bill through House to praise Trump in Manhattan. 

  • A parade of surrogates and potential running mates for former President Donald Trump are in Manhattan today, holding court outside of the ex-president’s criminal proceedings to defend the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) is among them, despite an urgent bill awaiting passage in his own chamber roughly 240 miles away.