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ROUNDUP: Congressional Integrity Project Held A Press Conference With House Democrats On Bogus Impeachment Inquiry

Dec 13, 2023

Today, Congressional Democratic leaders and advocates joined the Congressional Integrity Project on Capitol Hill to communicate their steadfast opposition to the Trump-demanded, no-evidence impeachment inquiry designed to smear Joe Biden. The press conference and visibility effort is part of Democrats’ no-holds-barred campaign to end the MAGA-fueled, Marjorie Taylor Greene orchestrated impeachment scam and to ensure Republicans are held accountable for focusing on this political stunt rather than the priorities the American people care about.

MAGA House Republicans, led by James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Marjorie Taylor Greene have wasted all year investigating President Biden and have failed to turn up a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by the President whatsoever. During this year, the MAGA House has ignored the important issues that affect Americans across the country, such as increasing access to health care or addressing the cost of living. Instead, at Donald Trump’s direction, they have pursued a partisan political stunt, designed to hurt President Biden ahead of the 2024 election, all to distract from Trump’s 91 criminal indictments and help him return to the White House. 

Rep. Jimmy Gomez (CA-34): “This impeachment is not about justice; it’s a calculated move by the extremists of the MAGA right and is based on zero evidence. I will be voting NO on the Republican sham impeachment inquiry.” [@RepJimmyGomez, 12/13/23]

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (TX-30): “Impeachment…without a crime!” [@RepCrockett, X, 12/13/23]

Rep. Dan Goldman (NY-10): “Take note GOP: voters aren’t buying your sham impeachment. They know it’s nothing but a partisan hit job meant to distract from your failure to help the American people. Come Nov 2024 they’ll remember who tried to gaslight them while Dems fought for the American people.” [@danielsgoldman, X, 12/13/23]

Rep. Robert Garcia (CA-42): “I joined my colleagues on @OversightDems today to push back on this sham impeachment inquiry. We know the American people reject this toxic, disgusting agenda, which is why House Democrats are committed to combatting it.” [@RepRobertGarcia, 12/13/23]

Rep. Maxwell Frost (FL-10): “Today House Republicans are going to weaponize Congress to open a baseless impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Despite months of trying to string together absurd conspiracy theories, they have zero proof. Today House Republicans will show the American people who they are beholden to. And it’s not their constituents. It’s Donald Trump.” [@RepMaxwellFrost, 12/13/23]

Eric Michael Garcia: “On the impeachment inquiry, @MaxwellFrostFL says “If it’s a hobby they like and they love researching Hunter Biden and printing out his pictures online and having them in their office. They can do that if they want without spending house resources on an impeachment inquiry.’” [@EricMGarcia, X, 12/13/23]

Adam Parkhomenko: “[Crockett] is very good.” [@AdamParkhomenko, X, 12/13/23]

Scott MacFarlane: “At news conference blasting todays House vote on Impeachment inquiry into President Biden… Rep Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) refers to the GOP effort as the “be Donald Trump’s friend Olympics’” [@MacFarlaneNews, X, 12/13/23]

Acyn Torabi: “Moskowitz: It’s why in these hearings you don’t hear them say Joe Biden. It’s Hunter Biden or James Biden. Sometimes they throw in Commander the dog.” [@Acyn, X, 12/13/23]

Acyn Torabi: “Crockett: The math ain’t mathin especially when you consider the fact that the previous Speaker, and who knows how many Speakers we’re going to have.. the previous Speaker said we don’t need a vote. So now all of the sudden you do need a vote? What changed?” [@Acyn, X, 12/13/23]

Acyn Torabi: “Crockett: Comer goes on Faux News and he has a lot to say… Comer decided to say that he didn’t want Hunter Biden to testify publicly because he didn’t want us to have an opportunity to engage in questioning.” [@Acyn, X, 12/13/23]