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Ron Johnson Commends, Not Condemns, Postmaster General

Aug 21, 2020

Washington, D.C. – At a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing this morning, Senator Ron Johnson praised the Postmaster General, saying “I think you should be commended … not condemned” for making changes, which have severely slowed down mail delivery and harmed veterans, seniors, businesses and families across Wisconsin who depend on USPS for their medicines and critical supplies. Johnson also used the hearing to dismiss the USPS complaints saying they’re not real even as Wisconsinites and Americans across the country are feeling the effects.

In response, Congressional Integrity Project spokesperson Michael Czin released the following statement:

We would all be better off if Ron Johnson cared as much about the people of Wisconsin and upholding our democratic institutions as he does about enriching himself in office and doing Trump’s bidding. As the election nears, it’s clear Johnson will do whatever he can to protect his political allies at the expense of the people he’s supposed to represent. 

“Even as the Trump Administration worked to gut the Postal Service, Johnson didn’t use his power to stop them, he stood on the sidelines and cheered on the partisan effort to undermine the Service. ”  

Today wasn’t the first time Johnson supported the Trump Administration’s attacks on the Post Office. Johnson has: 

  • Commended the Trump Administration for their plans to gut Postal deliveries after the administration recommended USPS deliver mail fewer days a year and to central locations instead of at people’s doors
  • Advocated for letting the Post Office go bankrupt and turning it into a private entity
  • Pushed for reducing post office services by suggesting the Post Office redefine its mandate of universal service, which would do irrecoverable harm in rural communities 
  • Attacked the long-term financial stability of the Post Office while opposing Democrats’ efforts to provide the necessary funding

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