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Questions to ask Speaker McCarthy at His Presser

Sep 12, 2023

Kevin McCarthy is about to hold a press conference where he will no doubt justify his decision to move forward with holding a vote to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. He should answer the following questions today:

  1. Why should Americans not believe Representatives Buck, Bacon, and Lawler that there is no evidence worthy of an impeachment or an impeachment inquiry?
  2. Do you agree with Chairman Comer that congressional investigators have received everything they’ve requested? Chairman Comer’s exact words: “every subpoena that I have signed, as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee over the last five months, we have gotten 100% of what we requested, whether it’s with the FBI or with the banks or with Treasury.” Then what is the justification for an impeachment inquiry?
  3. YOU said pre-midterms: “I think the country doesn’t like impeachment used for political purposes at all.  If anyone ever rises to that occasion, you have to, but I think the country wants to heal and … start to see the system that actually works.” But now you’re dangling this as Gaetz threatens your speakership, Greene threatens a shutdown, and Trump presses you for impeachment. What changed?