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NEW REPORT: Jim Jordan is Extreme MAGA and Dangerous to Our Democracy

Oct 17, 2023

PRESS RELEASE         Contact:
For Immediate Release
Date: October 17, 2023

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressional Integrity Project released a new report titled Jim Jordan is Extreme MAGA and Dangerous to Our Democracy. As Jordan is the top candidate to become Speaker, the report outlines how dangerous he would be to our democracy and how his only allegiance is to Donald Trump, not the American people. 

Congressional Integrity Project executive director, Kyle Herrig, issued the following statement: 

“Jim Jordan is an extreme MAGA Republican whose ultimate goal is to get Donald Trump back in the White House so they can enact their radical agenda. Jordan is an election denier and a dangerous threat to our country. Any House Republican who votes for him as Speaker will have endorsed Jordan’s out of touch, extreme MAGA agenda and election denialism.” 

Read the full report here.