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New Poll: 3/4ths of American Voters Want Republicans in Congress to Focus On Real Issues And Not Partisan Political Stunts

Jul 13, 2023

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Date: July 13, 2023 

Voters Say MAGA Political Stunts Are “Waste of Time,” “Reflect the Wrong Priorities” 

Washington, D.C. – The American people have made clear that they want Congress to focus on the real issues impacting their lives like the economy and the cost of living and health care rather than partisan investigations into President Biden and his family, according to a new poll commissioned by the Congressional Integrity Project and conducted by Global Strategy Group. The poll found that 75% of Americans, including 72% of Independents and a whopping 76% of Republicans who do not support the MAGA movement, would rather have Congress focus on addressing issues like inflation and the economy than trying to investigate the Biden administration. The poll also found that a majority of voters, including a majority of Independents, say the investigations reflect wrong priorities and are a waste of time.

“The American people are very clear that the MAGA investigations into President Biden are at the bottom of their list of priorities. The MAGA House Republicans’ political stunts are not what they want Congress to focus on, saying they reflect the wrong priorities and are a waste of time,” said Congressional Integrity Project senior advisor Leslie Dach. “Voters see right through their game and believe Republicans are all about damaging the President and that they don’t care about the truth. They want their elected officials to work on real issues keeping them up at night like inflation and the economy – not bogus investigations into the Biden administration. Enough is enough.”  

Topline findings include:

  • A majority of voters believe the investigations are intended to damage President Biden and his administration– not because they care about the truth. 55% of voters agree that Republicans are investigating President Biden and his administration to damage the President politically and not to find the truth. This includes 57% of Independents and 36% of non-MAGA Republicans.
  • A majority of voters think the investigations reflect the wrong priorities and are a waste of time. 58% of Americans agreed that the Republican investigations “reflect wrong priorities” including a majority of independents (54%) and non-MAGA Republicans (52%). 54% of Americans agreed that the investigations are a “waste of time” including 55% of independents.
  • Only 13% of all voters, 11% of Independents, and 16% of non-MAGA Republicans ranked oversight and investigations into the Biden administration as one of their top three priorities for Congress to focus on. The top issues included inflation and cost of living (64%), non-inflation economic issues (30%), health care (27%), Social Security and Medicare (26%), and guns (25%). Even among MAGA Republicans only 29% ranked the investigations as a top three issue.
  • Americans overwhelmingly say they would rather Congress focus on issues that matter to their lives, like rising costs and the economy, than spend time investigating the Biden administration. A whopping 75% of Americans including 76% of Republicans who do not identify with the MAGA label would rather have Congress focus on solving the real issues facing our country like inflation and the economy. 72% of independents agree along with 51% of MAGA Republicans.

View the poll HERE.

Global Strategy Group surveyed 1200 likely 2024 voters nationwide from March 21-25 2023. The margin of error is +/- 2.8%. The surveys were conducted online.