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Meet James Comer: Trump Ally Through and Through

Dec 23, 2022

All this month, the Congressional Integrity Project is introducing one of Donald Trump’s staunchest MAGA allies – Representative James Comer. Just last month, the American people rejected the extreme MAGA agenda and said they want our leaders to focus on solving the real problems they face. But MAGA Republicans aren’t listening. As soon as they won the House, they immediately turned to the Trump playbook of political attacks, stunts, and partisan warfare. Investigations under the new Republican-led committees will be conducted following the Trump playbook: divisive and politically motivated attacks on President Biden, his family, and his administration at any cost, all to increase Comer’s own power to pursue the radical agenda of his MAGA allies. 

James Comer is a Trump-loving, MAGA Republican through and through, always doing the bidding of Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican allies. Comer is playing to the most extreme part of the Republican base, which the voters rejected just last month in the midterm elections. He embraces and follows Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” playbook to a tee – one that aims to spread baseless conspiracy theories about election integrity and voter fraud. Comer continues to make excuses for the former president’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. 

Americans cannot trust him to work in favor of what we care about the most. We cannot trust him to conduct fair, impartial investigations when he turns his committee into one filled with the most pro-Trump, radical, MAGA Republicans. We cannot trust him to stand up to the lies Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans continue to spread. 

  • James Comer Backed Trump’s False Claims of Voter Fraud. After the 2020 election, Rep. Comer backed Trump’s false claims of voter fraud, encouraging Oversight Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to investigate these baseless allegations in a letter (joined by far-right conspiracist Rep. Jim Jordan) requesting hearings and lengthy examinations of so-called irregularities and improprieties. He even cited debunked claims the Trump campaign made about Pennsylvania absentee ballots that a federal judge described as “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations…unsupported by evidence.” [Letter to Rep. Nadler and Rep. Maloney, 11/18/20; ACLU, 11/27/20]
  • Comer Fed the Outrageous Conspiracy Theories That There Is a “Deep State” Out to Get Trump. When the FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate for classified information that did not belong there, Comer said, “The deep state is alive and real, and it’s going to be left up to Republicans, hopefully in a majority, starting in January to try to end this and get us back on the path to where we have confidence in our intelligence communities.” [Newsmax, 8/30/22]
  • Rep. James Comer Called Bipartisan January 6th Committee Hearings a “Political Stunt” and Illegitimate.” Comer has expressed his opposition to the bipartisan January 6th Committee calling it a “political stunt” and “illegitimate.” “Now some people might think that a congressional panel investigating a former president’s role in upending a legitimately conducted national election by urging a rowdy crowd of his followers to march on the Capitol, where a riot and an ultimately unsuccessful insurrection ensued, might be worth the time and trouble of the House of Representatives, of which he is a member. Not Comer. ‘…this is all a political stunt,’ Comer told Fox Business News on June 9. ‘This has nothing to do with any informative investigative research done by this illegitimate committee. This is all about politics. This is a big show.’” [Northern Kentucky Tribune (Opinion), 7/1/22]
  • Straub: Rep. Comer More Interested in “Embarrassing Democrats Rather Than Coming to Grips with the Truth.”  Northern Kentucky Tribune columnist Bill Straub wrote last year how Rep. Comer seemed more interested in “embarrassing Democrats rather than coming to grips with the truth.” He called Comer “a Trump acolyte or, if you prefer, a Trump tool” and said, “Fair play obviously is not Comer’s style, as we’ll find if he wields the committee hammer.” [Northern Kentucky Tribune (Opinion), 12/3/21]

James Comer will turn the House Oversight Committee into a Trump-style partisan attack machine, to do or say anything to gain power. James Comer doesn’t care about oversight – only about launching political stunts to further his own political career and those of his MAGA allies. All to pave the way for a former president, one who knew he lost an election and attempted to override the will of the voters, to return to the same position of power.