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Meet James Comer: Stopping at Nothing for Political Power

Dec 2, 2022

For Immediate Release
Date: December 2, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressional Integrity Project launched into day 2 of Meet James Comer month, releasing a video highlighting Comer’s thirst for power, his allegiance to former President Trump and MAGA, and how his planned investigations are politically motivated, hypocritical farces designed to enact revenge on President Biden. =

“All throughout the month of December, every day, the Congressional Integrity Project will be educating the public about Rep. Comer’s record, asking questions, and calling out his political stunts for what they are: a way to weaken President Biden and gain more power for himself, Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans,” said Congressional Integrity Project Executive Director Kyle Herrig. “We will show that Comer is a Trump-loving, MAGA Republican; a power hungry hypocrite; extreme in every way voters rejected in this year’s midterms; and that everything he is doing is all about gaining political power for himself, Trump and MAGA Republicans.”

View the full Comer memo here and watch the video here.