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Meet James Comer: MAGA Champion

Dec 9, 2022

All this month, the Congressional Integrity Project is introducing one of Donald Trump’s staunchest MAGA allies – Representative James Comer. Just last month, the American people rejected the extreme MAGA agenda and said they want our leaders to focus on solving the real problems they face. But MAGA Republicans aren’t listening. As soon as they won the House, they immediately turned to Trump-style political attacks, stunts, and partisan warfare. Investigations under the new Republican-led committees will be conducted following the Trump playbook: divisive and politically motivated attacks on President Biden, his family, and his administration at any cost, all to increase Comer’s own power to pursue the radical agenda of his MAGA allies. 

James Comer is a MAGA champion, playing to the most extreme part of the Republican base. Americans cannot trust him to conduct fair, impartial investigations when he is open to allowing the most pro-Trump, radical Republicans onto his committee. 

Reports also state that already, half of the Republicans on the Oversight committee are members of the House Freedom caucus, the most pro-Trump, extreme MAGA bloc of the entire Republican caucus. And Comer wants to make the Oversight Committee even more MAGA, all to hurt Joe Biden and Democrats and help Republicans politically.

  • MAGA Republicans Already Dominate the House Oversight Committee.  The House GOP has already placed a slate of overwhelmingly pro-Trump, MAGA Republicans on the House Oversight committee, with James Comer leading the pack.  18 of the 20 Republicans currently assigned to the House Oversight committee (90%) are vocal election deniers, and 80% of Republicans on the committee voted against certifying the 2020 election results. [Washington Post, 11/6/22; New York Times, 1/7/21]
  • James Comer is Likely to Allow Extremists Like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and Other Firebrand Pro-Trump Members to Serve on His Committee.  Comer is viewed as likely to allow conspiracy theorists Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert to sit on his committee.  Before the election, Comer told the New York Times: “If Americans entrust Republicans with the majority next Congress, we look forward to the Steering Committee adding new GOP members to the committee like Rep. Greene with energy and a strong interest in partnering with us in our efforts to rein in the unaccountable Swamp and to hold the Biden Administration accountable for its many self-inflicted crises that it has unleashed on the American people.”  Comer reportedly confirmed earlier reports that GOP extremists Lauren Boebert (R, CO-3) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R, GA-14) have “expressed interest in joining the panel.”  As other reports noted, “half of the panel’s current Republicans are part of the pro-Trump House Freedom Caucus, where many members have their own incendiary reputations.” [The New York Times, 10/17/22, Politico, 8/11/22]

The American people can’t trust these investigations after James Comer and MAGA Republicans impeded legitimate oversight of President Trump for so long. The American people will see that this is nothing more than partisan warfare and political stunts by Comer and his MAGA Republican allies meant to weaken their opponents to gain power for themselves.