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Meet James Comer: A MAGA Member who Supports Slashing Social Security and Medicare

Dec 13, 2022

All this month, the Congressional Integrity Project is introducing one of Donald Trump’s staunchest allies – Representative James Comer. Just last month, the American people rejected the extreme MAGA agenda and said they want our leaders to focus on solving the real problems they face. But MAGA Republicans aren’t listening. As soon as they won the House, they immediately turned to the Trump playbook of political attacks, stunts, and partisan warfare. Investigations under the new Republican-led committees will be conducted following the Trump playbook: divisive and politically motivated attacks on President Biden, his family, and his administration at any cost, all to increase Comer’s own power to pursue the radical agenda of his MAGA allies. 

Not only does Comer agree with taking away the rights of millions of American women, but he also supports damaging our economic security through major cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

The American people rejected this extreme MAGA Republican agenda in 2020 and again in 2022 yet the man being put in charge of one of the most powerful committees in Congress didn’t get the memo. The American people will see these bogus investigations for what they are – a way for MAGA Republicans to gain more power to impose their extreme agenda on the American people.

  • Comer & His MAGA Allies Have Proposed Major Cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The House GOP has already announced plans to use the debt limit to force spending cuts, including on Social Security benefits, if they don’t get their way. Top members of the Republican Study Committee have proposed deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare that would progressively raise the retirement and eligibility age, and some have even proposed drastic cuts that would sunset and privatize the programs after five years. Speaker-nominee Kevin McCarthy has refused to take Social Security and Medicare cuts off the table, saying “he wouldn’t ‘predetermine’ anything.” [Mother Jones, 7/6/22; Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), 2/1/22; Punchbowl News, 10/18/22]

For months, Rep. Comer’s true intentions of becoming chair of the Oversight Committee are centered around one thing and one thing only: weakening President Biden. These proposed investigations are not about finding facts, ferreting out “waste” in government, or focusing on the real issues facing Americans. They are about turning the House Oversight Committee into a Trump-style partisan attack machine, to do or say anything to gain power.