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MEDIA ADVISORY: Congressional Integrity Project Welcomes Jim Jordan Back to Capitol Hill With His ‘Weaponization’ Subcommittee Failures

Mar 23, 2023


CONTACT: Melissa Byrne, 609-364-4267


Washington, DC – This week, Congressional Integrity Project launched poster displays around Washington DC, and handed out flyers today at various Republican offices and hearings, all to remind Jim Jordan that his Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee is a total dud.

“Each subcommittee hearing has been filled with incomprehensible rants and conspiracy theories spouted by Jim Jordan and his fellow MAGA House Republicans,” said Congressional Integrity Project senior advisor, Brad Woodhouse. “Time and time again, they have failed to prove any ‘weaponization’ by the federal government, other than admissions from House Republicans of using their positions to attack President Biden’s family in an attempt to weaken him and Democrats. The whole basis for his subcommittee proved to be a sham after it became clear the so-called ‘whistleblowers’ he used to justify its formation are nothing more than conspiracy theorists. Jim Jordan and MAGA House Republicans don’t care about the real issues facing Americans, only restoring their disgraced former president to the White House.”

The posters are already getting under people’s skins, with some of them already being defaced. But they cannot hide the truth – Jim Jordan and fellow MAGA House Republicans’ investigations have been a dud.




WHAT: Poster Display 

WHEN: Thursday, March 23 

WHERE: Capitol Hill