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MEDIA ADVISORY: Congressional Integrity Project Hosts Press Briefing On Bogus and Unconstitutional Impeachment Attempt of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Jan 28, 2024


Washington, DC On Monday, January 29, 2024, at 3:00 PM ET, the Congressional Integrity Project will hold a press briefing on the new bogus impeachment attempt of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Despite being in charge of the House of Representatives for over a year, MAGA Republicans have done nothing to help solve the problems of our broken and outdated immigration system. Rather than coming to the table to craft a bipartisan solution, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mike Johnson have happily done Donald Trump’s bidding, walking away from negotiations so Trump can continue to campaign on the ongoing crisis. This impeachment attempt is nothing but a blatant political stunt designed to hurt President Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, and the current administration.  

Join the Congressional Integrity Project experts to discuss the bogus, unconstitutional impeachment and what can be done to make sure MAGA Republicans are held accountable.

Joshua Matz, counsel in the first and second impeachments of former President Trump, and co-author (with Larry Tribe) of “To End A Presidency: The Power of Impeachment.”
Hannah Muldavin, senior communications advisor, Congressional Integrity Project, and former spokesperson for the January 6th House Select Committee
Brad Woodhouse, senior advisor, Congressional Integrity Project 

WHAT: Virtual Press Conference 

WHEN: Monday, January 29, 2024, at 3:00 PM ET

WHERE: Register to join the Zoom event (Registration required)