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ROUNDUP: Mayorkas Impeachment Vote Was A Massive, MAGA-Fueled, Embarrassing Failure

Feb 7, 2024

Last night, MAGA House Republicans failed to impeach Secretary Mayorkas on the House floor. This embarrassing failure comes as MAGA Republicans failed to find any evidence whatsoever of high crimes or misdemeanors by Secretary Mayorkas. MAGA Republicans wasted the past year on this baseless impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas, claiming they were concerned about the border while refusing to even consider a bipartisan Senate border security deal that could actually help solve the problem. The refusal of a bipartisan solution to the border and baseless impeachment attempt was at the demand of Donald Trump, showing once again that House Republicans have put Trump’s priorities ahead of those of the American people.  It’s time Republicans get back to addressing the priorities of the American people and stop doing Donald Trump’s bidding.


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Criticism from House Republicans

Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR): “We’re In A Difficult Spot.” Womack reportedly said, “It’s hard to sit there and see it.. It’s tough. We’re in a difficult spot right now.” [Melanie Zanona (CNN), X, 2/6/24

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC): “Is It That Hard?” Norman reportedly said, “I would have thought they would have known (the whip count). They’re good on the other side of that.. Is it that hard?” [Melanie Zanona (CNN), X, 2/6/24

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY): “Name One Thing That’s Improved” Under Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson. “Name one thing that’s improved under the new Speaker.” [Rep. Thomas Massie, X, 2/7/24]

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI): “I Whipped No For Over A Month.” According to a congressional reporter, Gallagher said, “I whipped no for over a month,” and reportedly said he “didn’t surprise GOP leadership and that House Rs didn’t need to barrel into that vote and embarrass themselves when the math wasn’t there.” [Olivia Beavers (Politico), X, 2/7/24]


Annie Karni (The New York Times): “A Stunning Defeat.” “Republicans have promised for more than a year to impeach Mayorkas. A stunning defeat for Johnson” [Annie Karni, X, 2/6/24]

Leigh Ann Caldwell (The Washington Post): “BAD Night.” “BAD night for Johnson: – Fails to impeach Mayorkas – Fails to fund aid to Israel” [Leigh Ann Caldwell, X, 2/6/24]

Rachael Bade (Politico): “What A Mess.” “What a mess for Republicans” [Rachael Bade, X, 2/6/24]

John Bresnahan (Punchbowl News): “Another Debacle for House Republicans.” “Another debacle for House Republicans. Impeach resolution for Mayorkas failed” [John Bresnahan, X, 2/6/24]

Jarrett Renshaw (Reuters): “What Can Only Be Seen As A Stunning Defeat.” “BREAKING: In what can only be seen as a stunning defeat, the House rejected impeachment charges against the homeland security secretary, as rank-and-file lawmakers balked at what they considered a misuse of the process.” [Jarrett Renshaw, X, 2/6/24]

Stephen Neukam (Congressional Reporter): “A Huge Failure For House GOP Leadership Here.” “This Mayorkas vote was seen as a relatively simple way for GOP to hold White House’s feet to the fire on border security. Last week it seemed like a slam dunk in convos I had with R’s. A huge failure for House GOP leadership here.” [Stephen Neukam, X, 2/6/24]

Jake Sherman (Punchbowl News): “Embarrassing Day For Speaker Mike Johnson’s House.” “BREAKING: The House rejected a bill to send $17.6 billion to Israel. 250-180. Rs and Ds took this one down on suspension. Embarrassing day for Speaker Mike Johnson’s House.” [Jake Sherman, X, 2/6/24

  • Sherman: “I’ve Seen A Lot Of Embarrassing Days For Different House Republican Leadership Teams. This One Is Pretty High On The List.” ​​“I’ve seen a lot of embarrassing days for different House Republican leadership teams. This one is pretty high on the list. They lost a vote to impeach Mayorkas. And then they lost a vote to send $17.6 billion to Israel. They didn’t need to vote on the israel bill today. They knew it would fail. They chose to.” [Jake Sherman, X, 2/6/24

Melanie Zanona (CNN): “Huge Defeat For GOP Leadership.” “BREAKING: House vote to impeach Mayorkas FAILS, with 3 Republicans voting against it. Huge defeat for GOP leadership.” [Melanie Zanona, X, 2/6/24

Sahil Kapur (NBC News): “Back-To-Back Embarrassing Failures For House GOP Leadership Tonight.” “Back-to-back embarrassing failures for House GOP leadership tonight • Mayorkas impeachment vote fails — of the various impeachments they’re eying, he was seen as the easiest • Israel aid bill, facing bipartisan opposition, flops after leadership tried to fast-track it.” [Sahil Kapur, X, 2/6/24]

Matt Fuller (The Daily Beast): “Impeaching Mayorkas Was Supposed To Show Voters That Republicans Are Tough On The Border, While Functionally Achieving Nothing. Instead, They Actually Achieved Nothing.” “Impeaching Mayorkas was supposed to show voters that Republicans are tough on the border, while functionally achieving nothing. Instead, they actually achieved nothing. If the GOP can’t even impeach the DHS Secretary, it definitely can’t impeach Biden.” [Matt Fuller, X, 2/6/24]

Abby Phillip (CNN): “Major Embarrassment.” “House Republicans rejecting an incredibly conservative border bill and also failing to impeach the DHS Secretary Mayorkas, despite pushing for it for months. Both in the same week. Major embarrassment.” [Abby Phillip, X, 2/6/24]

Igor Bobic (HuffPost): “House Republicans Failed.” “So to recap, in one day: House Republicans failed to impeach Mayorkas and they failed to pass their Israel aid bill. In the Senate, Republicans killed a border deal they demanded” [Igore Bobic, X, 2/6/24]

Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo): “This Was Always A Totally Silly Stunt And They Somehow Managed To Bring It To The Floor And Fail.” “honestly this is one of the funniest things in the history of forever. this was always a totally silly stunt and they somehow managed to bring it to the floor and fail.” [Josh Marshall, X, 2/6/24]