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James Comer’s Unhinged Conspiracy Theories

May 25, 2023

House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) has suggested without any proof at least five times in the last month that alleged whistleblowers “fear for their lives” from the Biden family and other unnamed shadowy government forces. This is just another desperate political stunt from Comer as part of his failing plan to hurt President Biden and get Trump re-elected. Comer himself even admitted that these investigations are all about politics and polls.  

MAY 15:  Comer Said Whistleblowers “Literally Fear For Their Lives.” James Comer: If you look at the two individuals that were involved with him from China, they were reportedly detained and no one’s seen them for a while. You’ve got the Israeli that was alleging some corruption involving both the president’s son and the president, or the vice president. He’s missing in Syria, or somewhere in that vicinity. And you’ve got the – I don’t know if you the correct term is whistleblowers, but the people that are basically informants for us on where to look, where the shell companies were hid, things like that. These are people that used to be in some type of relationship with Hunter Biden, either personal or professional relationship. They’re all either in court or they literally fear for their lives. Many have been contacted by the Biden attorneys, who threatened them, because, you know, if you were in business with Hunter Biden, you probably aren’t squeaky clean yourself. So you’ve got a lot of intimidation taking place. “ [Mark Levin Show, 5/15/23

MAY 11: Comer Said Whistleblowers “Fear For Their Lives.”  James Comer: Now, the next step is to try to get some of these whistleblowers to come forward. But I’ll be honest, they fear for their lives. And I would assume that we’re going to be trying to get immunity for some of these people. Many of the people that were involved, whether they were the foreign nationals, or whether they were the former Hunter Biden business associates, they’re either in jail, they’re either in court, or they’re either missing. So you know, we’ve been having to go through a lot.” [Guy Benson Show, 5/11/23; AUDIO

MAY 1:  Comer Said Whistleblowers “Fear For Their Lives” From “The Biden Family” And “Rogue Intelligence People Within Our Government.”  James Comer: As I said on Fox, they fear for their lives, not just from the Biden family, from rogue intelligence people within our government, but they were dealing with some pretty shady characters on the international scene. When you’re dealing with the Chinese Communist Party, when you’re dealing with Russian oligarchs, when you’re dealing with corrupt energy companies, in Ukraine and in Africa, in the worst countries, the worst companies, you would you would be concerned too, especially when the media is getting the backs of the of the president.” [Brian Kilmeade Show, 5/1/23; AUDIO

MAY 1: Comer: “A Lot Of These Whistleblowers Fear For Their Lives. They Believe This Is A Corrupt Administration.”  James Comer: You know, a lot of these whistleblowers fear for their lives. They believe this is a corrupt administration. They know that the people… John Hines: Fear for their lives? Comer: Yes. And you’ve got… They’re dealing with some bad actors in China, Russia, and some of these other countries. The ones that know the most, they know how dangerous this is, how much is at stake.  I mean, this is public corruption in the White House with the first family of the United States of America.” [OAN, 5/1/23; VIDEO

APRIL 27: Comer: “We’ve Got Witnesses That Are Scared To Death To Come Forward. They Fear For Their Lives.” James Comer: The Hunter Biden legal team, they’re testing the limits. I’ll put it like that, with respect to witness intimidation. I mean, just look at my district, we’ve got dark money groups that are being funded through prominent high ranking Democrat officials in Congress. Also, the communications director for the White House continues to tweet out and retweeting things, trying to intimidate me, you know, for having the audacity to investigate.  We’ve got witnesses that are scared to death to come forward. They fear for their lives. You’ve got the banks that have worked with us, they’re being squeezed by attorneys, by high ranking officials in the Democrat party for having the nerve to work with us to comply with our subpoenas.” [“Just The News, No Noise,” Real America’s Voice, 4/27/23; VIDEO