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James Comer Has Set Sky High Expectations for His Press Conference Tomorrow

May 9, 2023

The King of Over-Promising and Under-Delivering is on the Verge of Doing it Again

James Comer’s short tenure as chair of the House Oversight Committee has been one instance after another of over-promising and under-delivering on everything from his fascination with Twitter to his obsession with Hunter Biden. Here he goes again. 

Comer first mentioned that he would hold a press conference “within the next two weeks to update the American people about what all we found” in an appearance on Fox & Friends on April 11. Since then he has made at least 20 appearances in conservative media to continue to build expectations for this press conference which have included wild and likely inflated claims about the explosiveness of his findings. All hat, no cattle?

Comer: “We’ve Uncovered More Than, I Think, Any Congressional Committees Ever Uncovered.” James Comer: No one else is is investigating the Biden family like we are. We’re actually going through bank records. We have discovered all the different Biden family members. We on the Oversight Committee, we have discovered all these LLCs that were hidden. We are trying to unravel this web that the Biden family created to try to disguise the sender of these payments and deceive the IRS on the amount of revenue that they were getting. So this is taking a long time, but look, I haven’t had subpoena power 100 days, and we’ve uncovered more than, I think, any congressional committees ever uncovered. Normally, you’re working with the media on stuff like this, but we’re on our own. We’re having to fight the mainstream media.” [“Fox & Friends First,” Fox News, 5/9/23; VIDEO

Comer: Tomorrow Is Going To Be ‘Judgment Day’ For The White House. “Tomorrow is going to be a bad day for the White House, and it’s going to be interesting to see what Joe Biden has to say. He lied about the laptop. He lied about his knowledge of his family’s shady business dealings. He lied about his involvement in his family’s shady business dealings. He lives when he says his son has done nothing wrong. So it’s gonna be Judgment Day tomorrow for the White House. […] [T]hese are some very serious charges and any other American family would have already been indicted and probably gone to prison for some of the things that the Biden family has done. So tomorrow is going to be Judgment Day and it’d be very interesting to see what Jean Pierre and little Ian Sams have to say when they’re presented with evidence.” [“Fox & Friends First,” Fox News, 5/9/23; VIDEO]

Comer: “You’re Going To Learn Without A Shadow Of A Doubt That The President Of The United States Has Lied Countless Times.” James Comer: You’re going to learn without a shadow of a doubt that the President of the United States has lied countless times about his knowledge, and his involvement in his family shady business dealings.” [“Wake Up America,” Newsmax, 5/8/23; VIDEO

Comer: “There’s No Question About It” We Have Evidence Linking Joe Biden To Six Decisions Which Were “Adverse To America’s Interests.” James Comer: There are six decisions that Joe Biden made, which were adverse to America’s interests. There’s no question about it, and people would scratch their head. Well, why would they do that? We we believe that there are transactions that might explain why Joe Biden would have an America last policy and a China first policy, or why he would do certain things with respect to Russia, or with respect to Africa. Remember, this isn’t just the president’s son and the president’s brother in China, or just China, Russia, and Ukraine. This is the entire family and just about every country that we have a sanction against. It’s not countries that a normal international business does commerce with. These are the worst countries on the map, the countries that are adverse to the United States. This is where they were taking money. And, again, it’s the whole family. I’m excited about what we’ve been able to obtain thus far and we should get more bank records in this week.” [Kilmeade Radio, 5/1/23; AUDIO

Comer: “This Investigation Is Like Tracking A Bleeding Bear Through A Snowstorm. They Left Evidence Everywhere.” “We’re not going to let up. I think we’re getting the information in that no one thought we would get in because, honestly, Congressional investigations are always all hat and no cattle, but there’s so much evidence. I tell people that this investigation is like tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm. They’ve left evidence everywhere. This is, like, the Biden organized crime family, but because it’s a Biden, it’s disorganized, right? We’re just trying to put the pieces together. And we’re going to give the American people the facts and the truth about the extent of this influence peddling operation.” [The Benny Show, 4/28/23; AUDIO

Comer: “The Allegations And The Things We’re Investigating Make Watergate Look Like Jaywalking.” James Comer: I’ll move forward to something like that when we determine whether or not he’s he has, in fact, made decisions because of payments that his family received from our biggest adversary on the planet, the Chinese Communist Party. This is a very serious investigation. The allegations and the things that we’re investigating make Watergate look like jaywalking. I mean, this is a very serious investigation of public corruption of a historical proportion. If, in fact, Joe Biden has committed these crimes that we’re investigating him, then I think everything’s on the table.” [“Wake Up America,” Newsmax, 4/27/23; VIDEO

Comer: “This Is A National Security Crisis That We Have With Respect To Public Corruption In The White House.” James Comer: We have a national security crisis at our hands. And look, the information that I’ve seen, Nancy Mace has talked about it, Byron Donalds, has talked about it. We’ve seen these bank records, we’ve seen the bank statements. It’s very concerning. There’s no explanation for why this family continues to take in these significant amounts of money, and the way they did it, the way they created these LLC is to try to hide the source of the money and try to deceive the IRS. Another thing that Joe Biden says that just drives me crazy is when he talks about tax cheats, when he talks about tax cheats, the first family that pops in my mind is the Biden family. So look, we’re going to continue to dig, we’re going to continue to get more bank records. The more that we learn, we find more bank violations, we find more LLCs that were created to launder money back into the Biden family, and we find more Bidens that were involved in this influence peddling scheme. It’s very concerning. And I hope that the mainstream media takes this a little bit more seriously because this is a national security crisis that we have with respect to public corruption in this White House.” [“Fox & Friends First,” Fox News, 4/25/23; VIDEO