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In Case Comer Missed It: Long-Time GOP Aide Calls No-Evidence Biden Impeachment “Abnormal Psychosis”

Sep 27, 2023

What James Comer Hopes You Didn’t See Today

Despite empty claims and absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, MAGA Republicans are persisting with their baseless impeachment inquiry and holding their first hearing tomorrow. While they continue to play their partisan games, the needs of the American people are continuing to be ignored, especially with a looming government shutdown. 

A long-time aide to Senator Chuck Grassley wrote an op-ed in The Messenger today. We’re betting James Comer hopes you missed it: 

“How is it that one of our preeminent political parties in America can

1) bring a case for impeachment against a sitting president of their rival party not for the president’s misdeeds, but for those of his son, and not for criminal corruption but for unethical sleaze, with no evidence against the president and with some in the party acknowledging they have none;

2) be nationally ridiculed because a key informant is an indicted fugitive accused of arms-dealing, an alleged agent for China, an accused sanctions-busting oil smuggler to Iran and an accused liar to federal authorities;

3) have a United  States Senator abet the effort by disclosing on the Senate floor an unclassified yet law-enforcement-sensitive, uncorroborated document that some of his allies claim is key documentary evidence of bribery against the president, but it’s only apparent value is raw meat for a cult-like political base;

4) have House committee chairmen-in-charge who held numerous hearings, involving some witnesses who demonstrably lacked credibility, that revealed no convincing evidence to support their charges, and yet proceed, unashamed, as if somehow they are convincing as peddlers of a righteous cause while oblivious to their slow-burning flameout?

A normal person would respond, ‘Beats me’
But we’re not dealing with normality. This is a new abnormal psychosis in American politics.”