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In Case Comer Missed It: His First Impeachment Hearing Was Panned By Republicans as an Amateurish Clownshow” and “Unmitigated Disaster”

Sep 29, 2023

What James Comer Hopes You Didn’t See This Week

Yesterday, James Comer held his first long-promised impeachment hearing and just like his past nine months of failure after failure, the hearing was an “unmitigated disaster.” And that was one of the more polite criticisms by his fellow Republicans. It’s no wonder, since Comer and House Oversight Republicans failed to produce a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden and one of their own star witnesses, Trump lackey Jonathan Turley, even said there was NO evidence to support impeachment.

We’re betting James Comer hopes you missed the numerous criticisms from his fellow Republicans: 

  • House GOP Aide: “Comer and staff botched this bad. So much confusing info from Republicans and Dems are on message. How can you not be better prepared for this?” [The Messenger, 9/28/23]

  • Senior GOP Aide: Comer’s strategy of feeding Fox News impeachment stories is not working and “we are losing the media narrative game to the White House right now.” “Calling witnesses that say the opposite of your narrative on impeachment is equally a bad strategy.” [NBC News, 9/28/23]

  • House GOP Aide: The hearing was “boring” with “no bombshells.” [NBC News, 9/28/23]

  • Senior GOP Aide: “Picking witnesses that refute House Republicans arguments for impeachment is mind blowing. This is an unmitigated disaster.” [Melanie Zanona (CNN), Twitter, 9/28/23]

  • Longtime GOP Operative: Comer’s Impeachment Hearing Was “An Amateurish Clownshow” That Would “Never Have Happened” Under Former Speaker Pelosi.” [Andrew Feinberg (The Independent), Twitter, 9/28/23]

  • Senior GOP Aide: “Comer has lost control, allowing Dems to land attacks – witnesses Comer selected have disputed House GOP arguments on the impeachment inquiry – has failed to attract mainstream media attention RE more damning evidence.” [Jacqueline Alemany (The Washington Post), Twitter, 9/28/23]

  • GOP Aide: “It’s a total and complete shitshow. Our own witnesses said that Biden has not committed crimes lmao.” [Semafor, 9/29/23]

  • Former Trump staffer Sebastian Gorka: House Oversight Democrats “owned the Republicans. Utterly owned them.” [Newsweek, 9/29/23]

  • Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: “For the better part of six hours, I have been following these hearings, save an hour off to do my Fox Business show earlier today. I don’t know what was achieved over these last six plus hours […] None of the expert witnesses today presented, yet, any proof for impeachment.” [Fox News, 9/28/23]

Watch the Congressional Integrity Project’s new reel highlighting what an absolute disaster yesterday’s impeachment hearing was.