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In Case Comer Missed It: Conservative Commentator Calls McCarthy’s Impeachment Push a “Weapon of Mass Distraction”

Sep 26, 2023

What Comer Hopes You Didn’t See Today

It’s no surprise that MAGA Congressional Republicans are desperate for some sort of distraction from their complete inability to govern. With a looming government shutdown entirely of their own making fast approaching, they’re moving forward with a hastily cobbled together impeachment hearing rather than working to address the issues keeping working families up at night. 

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes said as much on MSNBC yesterday

We’re betting James Comer hopes you missed it: 

  • Sykes: “Kevin McCarthy’s hollow speakership is playing out the way you expected. What can go wrong when you shut down the government and start an impeachment without any evidence? But the point of this impeachment is not to provide evidence, it’s to flood the zone. It is to devalue the point of impeachment because at the end of the day, if everybody is impeached, then nobody is impeached.”
  • Sykes: “It is a weapon of mass distraction, whether or not they’re going to be distracting from their own distraction with the shutdown obviously is a very interesting question.”