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ICYMI: Republicans Say the Quiet Part Out Loud: There’s No Basis for an Impeachment of President Biden

Nov 28, 2023

James Comer can’t seem to catch a break this November. He already had a story come out about his own potential family influence peddling and subsequently had an embarrassing meltdown during a Congressional hearing when asked about it. Now his fellow MAGA Republicans are saying the quiet part out loud and pointing out that James Comer’s year-long investigation has turned up no evidence of any crimes whatsoever, let alone those that rise to the level warranting impeachment. It’s beyond time that Comer and Jordan recognize the truth: partisan, political impeachment is not what the American people want Congress to focus on at the expense of issues like healthcare and lowering costs.

Lisa McClain (R-MI) said “the short answer is no” when asked if House Republicans could identify any actual policy changes that President Biden made as a result of his family getting money from China. [“Mornings With Maria,” Fox Business, 11/28/23]

Matt Rosendale (R-MT): “I do not believe that you’re probably going to be able to get an impeachment, a removal, of President Biden.” [Fox Business, 11/28/23]

Mike Huckabee (former Governor of Arkansas): “It would be a huge mistake for the Republicans to impeach…Joe Biden in the House, knowing it’s not going to go to the Senate, so there’s no point. All it becomes is a political disaster.” [Just the News, 11/28/23]