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ICYMI: Raskin Calls Out Comer’s Lies About President Biden During His Failed, Evidence-Free Impeachment Investigation

Oct 30, 2023

Throughout his investigation into President Biden, James Comer repeatedly lied to the American people. Today, House Ranking Member Jamie Raskin sent a letter to James Comer detailing the most misleading statements Comer and MAGA House Republicans have made over the past eleven months as they pursue their partisan political stunts masquerading as investigations. 

Take a look at some of Comer’s top lies:

Suggested he was present at a transcribed interview that he did not attend.

Daily Beast: “When Rep. James Comer (R-KY) made the rounds on primetime conservative cable TV on Monday night, it was to divulge details of what Republicans called a bombshell day for their investigations into the Biden family. On Capitol Hill earlier that day, members of the House Oversight Committee privately interviewed Devon Archer, a longtime business partner of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. […] What Comer failed to mention was that he wasn’t actually in the room for his committee’s big interview with Archer. According to two sources familiar with the proceeding, Comer failed to show up in person on Capitol Hill, and he did not participate remotely.”

Dishonestly suggested that the President had the prosecutor of Ukraine fired as part of a bribery scheme.

New York Times: “The allegation at the heart of the controversy is that while Mr. Biden was vice president, he pushed to have Ukraine’s top prosecutor removed for investigating a company connected to Mr. Biden’s son Hunter, the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma. […] A year later, Viktor Shokin became Ukraine’s prosecutor general, a job similar to the attorney general in the United States. He vowed to keep investigating Burisma amid an international push to root out corruption in Ukraine. But the investigation went dormant under Mr. Shokin. In the fall of 2015, Joe Biden joined the chorus of Western officials calling for Mr. Shokin’s ouster. The next March, Mr. Shokin was fired. A subsequent prosecutor cleared Mr. Zlochevsky.”

Repeatedly mischaracterized the statements of witnesses in interviews while refusing to publicly release interview transcripts.

Washington Post: “On Thursday, the Oversight Committee released a transcript of Archer’s testimony — testimony for which Comer wasn’t present. What Archer said not only doesn’t comport with the presentations made by Comer and Jordan on television (which were obviously wrong from the outset), his testimony undermines the idea that Burisma wanted Shokin fired, that Zlochevsky paid any bribe — and, crucially, that Joe Biden was involved in any of this.”