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ICYMI: Nancy Mace Is Exhibit A On How MAGA House Republicans Have No Evidence for Impeachment

Oct 2, 2023

Do MAGA Republicans have any shame at all? Don’t answer that – Rep. Nancy Mace’s words answer that question.

The fact is, nine months of investigations have ended up with no evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden whatsoever. Mace, Comer, Jordan, and their MAGA friends are simply desperate.

Rep. Nancy Mace at the House Oversight Hearing on September 28, 2023: “We already know the president took bribes from Burisma. I also want to add: betraying your country is treason.”

Rep. Nancy Mace on Fox News on October 1, 2023: Q: “Have you been able to identify specific policy decisions that Joe Biden made that he was paid for?

Rep. Mace: “I have not had the ability to research that.”