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ICYMI: MAGA House Republicans Continue To Attack The Rule Of Law

Jun 5, 2024

Last night, Axios reported that MAGA Republican House members are pressuring Speaker Mike Johnson to give floor time to legislation that allows presidents and former presidents to bring state cases to federal court – a move that would benefit their leader and convicted felon Donald Trump. 

That’s just the latest MAGA Republican legislative proposal to attack the independence of the justice system: 

  • Speaker Johnson told the MAGA House Republican caucus that he supports punishing the Justice Department by cutting their funding. Extreme MAGA leaders Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan have been pushing these proposals for months. 
    • Marjorie Taylor Green said the quiet part out loud: “If Speaker Johnson supports Trump like he claims, he should stop the special counsel, Jack Smith, and he should be using the power of the purse to hold New York accountable for the sham convictions against President Trump.”
  • A group of conservative Republican senators signed onto a pledge to block floor action in response to the conviction.

MAGA House Republicans are continuing to use their official positions to do the bidding of convicted felon Donald Trump, threatening to defund law enforcement and attack the rule of law in order to shield him from his crimes. MAGA House Republicans will stop at nothing to forgo the important priorities of Americans across the country and attempt to interfere in Trump’s multiple criminal trials in order to help Trump return to the White House in 2024. It’s far past time for MAGA House Republicans, including the Biden 17, to stop using their official positions to do Trump’s bidding.

Read the full Axios article here.